Zeasn launches Smart TV App Store

OTT and smart TV services provider Zeasn has announced version 3.0 of its Smart TV App Store (Zeasn App Store). Zeasn says the new release adopts a minimalist design style and has completely innovated the UI, as well as a series of new features and improvements, including One-click Update, Silent Installation, Batch Uninstall Apps, Advertising Configuration Optimization, and support XAPK application installation etc. The update will begin rolling out this week, the company said. Zeasn’s existing customers can upgrade for free, and the pending new Smart devices can also be integrated too. 

In terms of design, compared to the dark green style of the old version 2.0, the color palette for the new store is based on soft purple, emphasizing simple and concise visual effects. The Zeasn design team hopes that through the minimalist design and intuitive visual experience, users can focus on the core of the large TV screen: information content. The new store is expeted to help TV users discover applications, games or entertaining content. 

The new App Store simplified the navigation bar on the left into five menus: Search, Home, Category, My Apps and Settings. The homepage consists of a large banner carousel at the top and multiple recommended columns down below. When the focus is switched on the main menu of the left navigation bar, the right screen will be presented with corresponding icons, plus the horizontal expansion of the menu columns, which is more convenient for users to quickly locate the specific column.

The Zeasn team also made significant improvements in Search, adding support for a full keyboard, optimizing search history and system recommendations. For personalized recommendation, the new store adopts Zeasn’s self-developed recommendation algorithm, which is designed to analyze the pending operations according to the user’s activity records, location, major system events etc., and recommend a different set of apps for each user. 

Regarding the return key on the remote control, the new version discards the exit prompt menu of the old version and instead uses text prompts to exit. When the focus is on any menu or secondary page, pressing the return key once will help the user return to the navigation bar.

The first Zeasn Smart TV App Store was launched in 2012. In the past 8 years, Zeasn reports it has provided more than 100 customized TV app stores for nearly 100 TV brands worldwide.

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