You’re wasting money at home if you aren’t trying any of these 40 genius things

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I’m sorry to say it, but your house is taking all of your money. Yep, you’re spending way too much on thing around the home, and most of the time, you barely notice how much it’s really adding up. Whether you’re cleaning, fixing up your space, cooking, trying to conserve electricity, or performing other household duties, trying these 40 genius things will stop you from wasting all of that money.

If you find yourself constantly spending on routine cleaning, grab the stain remover I found. It also gets rid of odors, so it’s the only fix you need for smelly spills and accidents. Spray it on a pungent stain on your shirt before you wash it, then add eco-friendly wool dryer balls into this cleanup routine. The ones on this list come in a budget-friendly pack of six and are much more efficient than dryer sheets.

Or maybe you’re looking to fix up a few things around the place. Before you throw out an uncomfortable mattress, take a look at the machine-washable mattress protector I found. It’s budget-friendly and has down alternative padding to make your mattress more comfortable. If crumpled snack bags and scattered chip clips are ruining the look of your pantry (and making your snacks go stale), there’s even a heated bag sealer on the list.

No matter what chore or area of your house is taking way too much of your money, you’ll find a genius fix here.


A food thermometer that works in 3 seconds

Instead of wasting money on nice steak and then overcooking it, invest in this budget-friendly meat thermometer. It tells you the temperature of your steak in three seconds with an illuminated LED screen, which is just as fast as some seriously pricey thermometers. This instant-read digital thermometer is also waterproof, so you can use it for oil, drinks, and baby formula then easily hand wash and disinfect it.


A 10-pack of ultra absorbent dishcloths that are better than paper towels

Cleaning rags quickly get frayed and stained and paper towels can really add up, but these Swedish dishcloths last longer and work better than either of those. They’re machine-washable and work on glass, wood, marble, tile, stainless steel, and other surfaces, just like your washcloths. Unlike your cleaning rag, they absorb up to 20 times their weight in liquid yet are quick-drying, so they won’t stay damp and start to smell. They’ll also stay in-tact and ready to scrub for up to 100 uses.


These adhesive-free furniture pads that protect your floors from scratches

These non-slip pads won’t ruin your furniture with sticky adhesive. Instead, their unique design only needs the weight of your chair, bed, or cabinet to make sure your furniture stays put and doesn’t move around, scratching your floors. Each one is made of thick solid felt, and the bottom is complete with anti-slip rubber to protect your floors. If you prefer using adhesive, this pack does come with adhesive stickers for backup.


This mattress protector that won’t ruin how comfortable your mattress is

Your mattress will still feel just as comfortable as when you bought it with this machine-washable mattress protector. The cotton terry fabric is silent when you turn over in bed, and you can still feel your mattress through it. You’ll barely know it’s there, but this breathable bedding necessity protects your mattress from liquids, dust mites, and bacteria, which is why this has over 172,000 five-star reviews on Amazon.


These little blue apples that extend the life of your produce

Add this refillable produce saver to your fruit bowl or the vegetable drawer in your fridge. It’ll stop you from wasting all of the produce you bought in your latest grocery haul by absorbing the ethylene gas from your produce, so you won’t waste money because your kale wilted or your cherry tomatoes got squishy before you could use them.


A well-designed budget planner that’s already thought of everything

It’s easy to waste money, but this well-designed budget planner has thought of everything when it comes to expenses and savings. It’s complete with built-in bill and receipt pockets as well as colorful stickers to mark when it’s payday, when you stick to your budget, and more. This planner almost makes fiscal responsibility fun.


This stain remover that will save your carpet & clothes

Help out your stained carpet and clothing with this rescue stain remover that works on organic and inorganic stains. That simply means it’s going to get out that ketchup spill on the couch or the deodorant stain on your shirt. Each spray bottle is free of things like peroxide, chlorine, and parabens, so, this biodegradable formula will be gentle on that older carpet, couch, and tee.


A coffee maker that brews better than your local cafe

Learning how to use this easy pour over coffee maker will save you money every single week on to-go lattes and store-bought cold brew. It’s made of heat-resistant borosilicate glass that’s complete with a pouring handle, unlike most. It also comes with its own double-walled stainless steel filter, so you won’t have the extra expense of paper filters while preserving the natural taste of your favorite java.


These LED bar lights with motion sensor technology

Instead of figuring out a pricey pendant light for your dark staircase or hallways, add these budget-friendly LED lights to shadowy spaces with the included adhesive tape or mounting screws. They have built-in motion sensors to automatically turn on as you walk by, making them great nighttime illumination. You will need to get AA batteries for these lights, but they’ll run for 125 hours, which can save you tons on electricity in the long run.


A vacuum attachment to keep your dryer vent & small spaces extra-clean

Don’t even think about buying a new dryer anytime soon — just use this vacuum attachment kit. This kit has a long hose attachment, a lint brush, and more to remove years of lint and other buildup, which extends the life and efficiency of your dryer — because sometimes dusting off the lint tray isn’t enough. This kit is also helpful for small places you can’t normally vacuum, and the lint brush can also help out behind your fridge.


A set of 6 high-quality glass food containers with airtight lids

If you’re going to save money by keeping your leftovers, grab these high-quality borosilicate glass containers instead of plastic ones. The dishwasher-safe containers are a bit of an investment but will last you way longer. Even the matching BPA-free lids will last longer because they have a durable and airtight hinge design, which also helps to extend the shelf life of your food. Plus, this entire leftover storage system is stackable, which keeps your fridge nice and organized.


A refrigerator whiteboard kit for better meal plan budgeting

This magnetic refrigerator whiteboard kit helps out with meal planning, scheduling, and budgeting. It’s a simple way to plan out your meals with the calendar and then make your list on the blank whiteboard. The stain-resistant whiteboards will still be perfectly white when you erase your calendar at the end of the month. You’ll, of course, get six markers and an eraser that also stick to your fridge for ease of use.


A quick fix for drywall that works so well

This budget-friendly drywall repair putty lets you fix holes in your drywall, plaster wall, or even your baseboard all by yourself. You don’t need to learn a difficult new skill because it comes in an easy-to-apply bottle. You’ll only need this quick-drying formula, your hand or a washcloth for smoothing, and whatever paint color your wall is to make your walls look as good as new.


A viral cleaning paste that’ll replace most of your other cleaning products

With this pink cleaning paste, you won’t need to spend money on a different product for every surface and cleaning task. This vegan paste has natural ingredients and works on your pans, countertops, multi-surface stains, bathroom surfaces, rust, and more. There’s a reason why this cleaner has over 80,000 five-star reviews. You can even use it on paintwork instead of buying a special paint-friendly formula you’ll only use once or twice, which will save you tons of money.


An organizer that will keep all your batteries in one place

If you’ve ever purchased a value pack of batteries only to use two of them and misplace the package — this battery organizer is for you. Organize AA, AAA, C, 9-volt, and more kinds of batteries in the 93 slots and test each one before you use it with the removable battery tester. You can also mount this case inside a closet or slide it into a drawer to keep it handy — no more searching for a zip-top baggie.


A sleek kitchen sink add-on that gives you delicious filtered tap water

If you’re not sure about your home’s tap water, this faucet filter system is cheaper than stocking up on bottled water. It attaches to your kitchen sink and lights up when it’s time to swap out the click-on filter. This easy-to-install system filters out 99% of things like asbestos, chlorine, and even lead. It’s also a sleek sink add-on that won’t ruin the look of your kitchen.


This spray cleaner that removes seriously smelly stains

This stain remover works on pet accidents, pungent food stains, and other major stains. The bio-enzymatic and chlorine-free formula gets rid of stains and all of their smells. You can spray it on your carpet, clothing, upholstery, even wood or concrete floors, and it won’t leave residue behind. This formula is also safe around your pets, so no need to worry about Fluffy after they have an accident.


These door draft stoppers that are helpful no matter what the weather is

No matter what it’s like outside, these door draft stoppers come in handy for reducing your bills. They have a strong adhesive backing that won’t peel off when you swing open your door (or close it), and they work to keep out unwanted cold or hot air. These silicone strips are also helpful for keeping out noise, light, and water.


The wool balls that reduce the time your clothes spend in the dryer

Instead of buying single-use dryer products like fabric softener and sheets, buy this wool dryer ball set once. You’ll only need three of them for your everyday small to medium laundry loads, but you actually get six in this budget-friendly pack. They’ll also soften your fabrics and can help reduce dryer time, saving you on electric bills.


These easy-to-handle spatulas that scoop up every last bit of food

Whether you’re cooking or baking, use this spatula set. The BPA-free silicone is bendable enough to scoop out the last bit of your pasta sauce or cookie batter, so you don’t waste a drop — and the jar spatula is especially useful for that. Each one is heat-resistant up to 480 degrees, so you can even use them to stir your dishes while they heat up on the stove. Available in five colors, these spatulas are also dishwasher safe and gentle on all of your pans, including those non-sticks.


An easy planting kit to save money on herbs at the grocery store

If you’re grabbing pricey fresh herbs on every weekly grocery run, it might be time to invest in this easy-to-start herb garden kit. It comes with the herb planting and growing tools you need, like starter pots, peat discs, and plant markers. It also comes with six seed packets with a variety of go-to cooking herbs including basil, parsley, cilantro, and thyme. You’ll be so surprised just how much money this kit saves you in the long run.


This jar with a handy coin-counting lid

Instead of tossing change wherever, save all of your spare coins in one spot with this money-saving jar. It comes in eight colorful options, and each one has a handy coin-counting lid. You’ll just need two AAA batteries, and the LCD screen keeps track of how much money you’re saving with the LCD screen. If you grab a few coins for something, there are even buttons to manually change the amount.


A heat sealer that keeps snacks in open bags super fresh

Preserve your favorite chips and other snacks with this compact, colorful heat sealer. Simply pop the open end of your open bag between the sealer and press down for three to five seconds. Each side has five ridges to seal up the bag and keep everything fresh. This pantry tool is more efficient than chip clips yet is small enough at less than 7 inches long to fit into a drawer with ease.


A compact sewing kit with a helpful range of thread colors

This budget-friendly sewing kit comes with 12 thread colors in unique and common shades, so you’ll always have the one you need on hand to fix missing buttons, quickly patch ripped seams, and make other easy fixes. This travel-friendly kit also comes with needles, scissors, threaders, and other sewing essentials. Each item has a spot in this zip-up case, making this a great thing to keep on hand wherever you my be.


This set of wood touch-up markers & crayons that are water-resistant

This set of furniture repair markers and wax sticks covers up scratches, nicks, scrapes, or even discoloration on your wooden furniture or floors. It comes with six colors to exactly match your floors or furniture. This permanent and water-resistant kit is also quick-drying for easy touch-ups.


A set of vacuum bags that can save you tons of closet or suitcase space

If you keep running out of space in your suitcase (or closet), grab these vacuum storage bags. The included pump fits right onto the triple seal valve, and it can reduce the volume of your belongings by up to 80%, making these ideal for lengthy vacations or out of season clothing. Plus, they have a waterproof and double seal design that keeps everything flat and protected until you’re ready to unpack.


This handheld milk frother for quick lattes or scrambled eggs

Cut out your latte budget with this battery-operated and handheld milk frother. The compact stainless steel whisk creates that classic foam on top in as little as 15 seconds. The silicone rubber handle makes it easy to hold onto and comes in colorful options and a convenient stand that looks so bougie on your counter. You can even use this frother to whisk up your morning eggs in a jiffy after your coffee is ready.


A long-lasting pen that will refresh grimy grout

Draw on your bathroom grout with this grout pen, and your tiles will look clean and refreshed. It’ll save you money on trying a bunch of tile products, scrubbing sponges, or cleaning hacks. This non-toxic pen will even work on up to 150 feet of 2-millimeter tile. Plus, the brightening formula is waterproof, so you can feel good about using it in your tub.


These smart plugs that let you setup an away mode

The away mode on these smart plugs is just one of a few money-saving settings. There are also timer settings, voice control with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, and it’s easy to set up a daily lighting schedule. You can check on your energy usage with the app. These sleek Wi-Fi outlets have tons of cost-effective uses, which is why they have over 56,000 five-star reviews on Amazon.


A sturdy knife sharpener that will extend the life of your cutlery

Instead of replacing your entire knife set when your favorite goes dull, use this three-slot sharpener to give new life to your knife. It has plenty of safety features if you’re new to knife sharpening, including a sturdy non-slip design, a long handle, and a cut-resistant glove. If you’re left-handed, you can even flip it around and still use this best-selling tool safely.


This at-home dry cleaning kit that gets rid of stains & wrinkles

This bag-free dry cleaning kit can clean up to 30 garments, so you can stop spending tons of money at your dry cleaner. The fragrance-free set comes with stain-removing wipes and cleaning cloths that are free of harsh chemicals. Simply toss a cloth and your clothes in the dryer instead of the washing machine, and they’ll come out free of wrinkles, smells, and stains.


A weekly refrigerator menu planner with a take-with-you grocery list

Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best working ones, like this 52-sheet menu planning pad. The double magnetic backing makes it easy to stick on your refrigerator and glance at it anytime you’re ready to cook, helping you stick to a meal plan. Best of all, you can add items to your pull-off grocery list as you use up the last bit of sour cream or the final garlic clove.


This fan favorite hair-catching tool that fits in your bathtub drain

The TubShroom is a sleek hair-catching solution for your bathtub or shower drain. This easy-to-clean insert fits inside your drain, whether it’s a standard or a wide size, and helps you to avoid pricey pipe cleaners and plumbers by catching hair and other grime. Simply wipe it clean and reinsert. This simple yet effective solution is an Amazon shopper favorite with over 72,000 five-star reviews.


A plush mattress pad that goes on your bed like a fitted sheet

Keep your older (or slightly uncomfortable) mattress around a little longer with this mattress protector. It has a deep-pocket design so you don’t have to worry about it going askew on your bed. The best part of this is the built-in down alternative padding, which gives your mattress extra fluff and softness. This bedding solution also makes it easier to refresh your mattress because it’s machine-washable.


A stove gap cover that fits your unique stove & countertop

These non-slip stove gap covers are built fit your unique stove and countertop. Simply place them over the gap and cut off any excess material that sticks out. Each one is anti-dust and anti-smudge silicone, so you’ll rarely have to pull them off to wash them, unlike the hassle of pulling out your stove when you spill sauce or drop a hot pad between the awkward gap. When you do want to clean them up, they’re dishwasher safe, so it’s a total breeze.


This refrigerator organizing kit with drawer-like bins

This refrigerator organizing kit has a spot for all of your weekly groceries — even eggs and your favorite canned drinks. Each BPA-free transparent bin has a drawer-like design that makes it easy to pull out and find the ingredient you need — no more double buying condiments. If an egg breaks or your salad dressing spills, you can clean these containers with soap and water.


A color matching repair kit that can mend your furniture & carpet

Even if you accidentally ripped the armrest of your lounge chair or singed your carpet, this carpet and fabric repair kit will take care of it. It comes with nine colors and a mixing jar to perfectly match the color of the upholstery. You’ll also get everything you need for rips, burns, and tears, including fabric glue so you don’t need to reach for a sewing kit.


This affordable air fryer that makes cooking dinner & snacks a breeze

With this compact air fryer, you can stop paying for overpriced delivery when you’re craving fried chicken or french fries. This thing can cook just about anything in its 2.6-quart basket, and you can adjust the temperature up to 400 degrees and timer up to one hour. Once your food is ready, simply pour it out, and the basket is dishwasher-safe. If you’re using it for a late-night snack and fall asleep, this extra-safe air fryer will turn off after 60 minutes.


A pack of anti-scratch furniture shields that stay put

No matter how hard your cat scratches on your furniture, these protective shields will stay put. If the long-lasting adhesive on the back of these sheets isn’t strong enough, this kit also comes with 50 discrete twist pins. These clear plastic shields are also easy to trim to fit the furniture piece your pet loves to scratch the most.


These dishwasher cleaner tablets that keep your appliance performing

If your dishes are still coming out of the dishwasher with a little grime on them, it may be time to clean your machine. These easy-to-use tablets give your dishwasher a deep clean, eliminating hidden grease, odors, and limescale. Just use one of these a month, and in turn, your dishwasher will not only run more efficiently, it’ll smell better too.