What’s Going on Here? Reive Boulevard culvert and bridge improvements in Innisfil

Culvert and bridge replacements on Reive Boulevard will help the Town of Innisfil meet its obligation to make improvements to the South  Innisfil Creek Drain. 


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• Work on Reive Boulevard includes bridge and culvert work and road improvements.

• The town received seven bids to complete the work, and chose Nuroad  Construction Ltd., which submitted the lowest bid. The total awarded  bid price is $4,693,708.

• The contract was awarded in the spring, and construction began in July. 

• Road resurfacing and road safety improvements will be made on Reive  Boulevard from the 4th Line south to meet up with the Ministry of  Transportation’s ongoing work near Highway 89 and Highway 400.

In 2005, the town was issued an order from the Court of the Ontario  Drainage Referee to make repairs to the South Innisfil Creek Drain.

Improvements at one culvert location will improve elevation,  alignment and hydraulic capacity to help prevent upstream flooding in  the market garden agricultural area of Innisfil, helping the town meet  the requirements of the drainage referee’s order.

All work is planned to be completed by the end of 2020, with the  exception of some road resurfacing that will be done in spring 2021.

Shane MacDonald, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Barrie Advance

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