Ways of making your home office more inviting, conducive to work

Does COVID-19 have you working remotely? Is your home also an office? You can still separate your work from home life. Here’s how Bay-Area interior designers are optimizing productivity in the home workspace.

– Keep it minimal – you won’t be as productive in clutter.

Heather Hillard, Owner of Heather Hillard Design, says,

“Try to keep the desk surface clear of papers and too many personal items. The goal is to limit distractions from work. I encourage having art and decorative accessories on other surfaces in the space, but keep your immediate workspace clean and relatively sparse.”

– Consider a standing desk.

Hillard says this is especially useful if you find you are more productive on the move.

– Work in a well-lit place.

“All desks should have a good task light in addition to overhead lighting so as not to strain your eyes,” Hillard said. “However, if you’re working in a room with a window that lets in a lot of light, make sure you have a shade to prevent glare on your monitor, as that can be equally prohibiting.”

-Make it a place you actually want to be in.

“Invest in art to make the room feel special,” Hillard said. “If an office looks great and feels inviting, it will be easier to buckle down and get work done. Having a comfortable work chair is also a big part of this, and you don’t have to skimp on style. Spending a little more for a comfortable, good looking chair is worth it if you’re going to be sitting there all day there.”

-If you have room, Hillard advises it‘s nice to have a comfortable armchair in the room.

-Make sure you’re thinking about your health.

Marea Clark, Owner of Marea Clark Interiors, suggests considering ergonomically correct keyboard solutions.

“Having a drawer that positions it lower than your desk and at the right height for your wrists is important for your wrists (and also hides unsightly tech,” Marea said.

-Keep it clean and uncluttered while still having a few of your favorite things.

Clark pointed out that even a beautiful pen cup or interesting dish to hold your paperclips can do a lot for your subconscious.

-Don’t make it an afterthought.

Clark suggests carving out a budget, no matter how small, for your office.

“Making your office a purposefully decorated space will certainly motivate you to get more done,” Clark said. “So, even though it may not be seen by guests as much as the rest of your home, it’s a personal space that should be a joyful part of your day. The goal is to be excited to go there every day, not have it be a space you dread.”

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