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Jane Sanders says relationship between Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders is built on ‘work’ not friendship

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) has gone on the record calling former Vice President Joe Biden — the man he is trying to help get elected to the White House after he was defeated by him in the race to become the Democratic presidential nominee earlier this year — a “good friend,” but his wife, Jane Sanders doesn’t love the characterization, which she describes as a false one, BuzzFeed News reports.As Jane Sanders sees it, she and her husband “don’t go out” or “get dinner” with Biden and his wife, Jill Biden. But, ultimately, it might just boil down to semantics. Jane Sanders told BuzzFeed the relationship she and her husband have with the Bidens is “built on work,” and even if she has a more specific definition of friendship than the senator, she seems to view that work relationship positively. “There’s a mutual respect,” she said. “There’s a trust and a collegiality.”Whatever the best way to describe the Sanders’ connection with the Bidens is, it sounds stronger than the one they had with the Hillary and Bill Clinton in 2016, when the former beat Bernie Sanders out for the Democratic nomination. Jane Sanders did not explicitly criticize the Clintons, but she told BuzzFeed that she feels “better about this election than I do about 2016,” and even though “it’s not personal,” she doesn’t want to “revisit” four years ago. Read more at BuzzFeed News.More stories from Court-tapped judge-advocate tears into Barr’s ‘corrupt and politically motivated’ move to drop Flynn case The climate refugees are here. They’re Americans. Cheer’s Jerry Harris is reportedly under investigation by the FBI for allegedly soliciting sex from minors

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