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Few remodeling projects are as gratifying — or as frustrating — as a kitchen renovation. Designing a new space is challenging, at best. And knowing that the results will be well worth it doesn’t change the fact that demolition and construction are disruptive. Ease the transition from drab old kitchen to beautiful new one by following a few basic tips for kitchen remodel planning.

Think in Terms of Work Zones

Most of use use our kitchens for a variety of tasks: cooking and cleanup, dining, work and homework, charging phones and media players, hobbies, entertaining. Due, perhaps, to the evolution of kitchen as the heart and brain of the home, the “work triangle” theory of kitchen design has morphed into a new theory that takes into account work zones — areas devoted to and designed for specific tasks.

Plan Enough Countertops

According to the National Kitchen & Bath Association, you need about 13 linear feet of counter space to accommodate all the ways you’re likely to use your kitchen. It notes, too, that counters should be at least 2 feet deep and have at least 15 inches of clearance. Consider an island or rolling cart if the periphery of your kitchen is too small to fit enough countertop.

Leave Sufficient Floor Space

How much is enough? The National Kitchen & Bath Association says you’ll need a minimum of 3 feet for walkways. Work areas for a single cook can be as narrow as 42 inches, but for two or more cooks to work together comfortably, you’ll need at least 48 inches of floor space.

Prepare for Life Without a Kitchen

How will you cook and clean while your kitchen is out of commission? A grill can substitute for both oven and stove, so have on hand plenty of gas or charcoal for yours. Set up a “comfort station” in a central location of your home. Equip the station with a cooler filled with refrigerated necessities, bottled water, paper cups and plates, no-cook snacks and some basic cleaning supplies. Although bathroom sinks can substitute for the kitchen’s for general household cleaning, disinfectant wipes and a spray cleaner and paper towels make quick cleanups easy.

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