This is how to organise your kitchen cupboards properly

a woman standing in front of a refrigerator: Create a serene space to cook in with these kitchen cupboard storage ideas. Click through to find out more.

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Create a serene space to cook in with these kitchen cupboard storage ideas. Click through to find out more.

Despite its reputation as the heart of the home, the kitchen can often be a nightmare to navigate. We all know the pain of digging around at the back of a corner unit to find the right lid for the saucepan – and it’s never the first one you come across.

In fact, a survey by storage company Caboodle found that two out of three Brits find the amount of clutter in their home stressful and almost three quarters wished they had more storage space.

While a good clear out can help, in the kitchen it can sometimes be difficult to justify – it’s always handy to have spare plates and bowls, after all.

Fortunately, with a few simple tweaks, you can transform jumbled cupboards into easily accessible spaces – and fit more inside too. We’ve rounded up some of the best kitchen storage ideas to help making cooking a stress-free experience.

Food cupboards

Immediately double cupboard space by adding a removable shelf. If you have especially deep cupboards, invest in some stackable ones to allow for three or more tiers. An extra shelf can be handy for all cupboards, but especially so for those used for tins and small jars where it can be difficult to see everything you have at once. One of these organisers can stop tins from being lost and forgotten about for months.

Alternatively, if your cupboard isn’t tall enough for an extra shelf, or it’s only narrow, use a tiered organiser to raise up items on the higher levels. This shows off tins and spices at a glance and looks far neater than having them all jumbled together.

Saucepan cupboards

Pretty much everyone dreads going in this cupboard but there is hope. A metal rack keeps lids and frying pans in check (it’s also handy for chopping boards), so you can keep the rest of the space free for bulky saucepans. Alternatively, a drawer divider can also also useful for separating pans from lids neatly.

If you’re short on space completely, or have a nice selection of pretty Le Creuset you’d like to show off, take these bulky pans out of the cupboards completely and use a standalone organiser instead. We do think this would work better in bigger kitchens, however.

Glasses and mug cupboards

If you’ve got a lot of different drinkware you’re constantly trying to cram into the same cupboard, again, utilise height. There are hanging mugs and wine glass organisers that clip onto the bottom of the shelf above to free up space for whiskey glasses and shorter tumblers.

A shelf insert can also be handy – store cups underneath and glasses on top, to keep fragile wine glasses from being bumped by hardier mugs.

The cupboard under the sink

This is another of those spaces that we often dread reaching into, but it doesn’t have to be that way. The sink’s u-bend means that valuable space gets eaten up, so gain it back by utilising the back of the doors instead with an over-door organiser for cleaning sprays and sponges.

You can also buy shelving units with removable sections to accommodate for the u-bend depending on your needs. Again, popping a shelf inside a cupboard immediately doubles the amount of space available and allows you to keep different kinds of items on separate levels for easier access.

Crockery cupboards

There are a variety of different racks and dividers available to help you keep your bowls, plates and side dishes separate. We especially like this peg board that comes in a range of sizes depending on the size of your cupboard. Adjust the pegs to create customised divisions for your particular selection of crockery.

Chopping boards, oven trays and plastic containers

It’s awful when you have to fish your biggest oven tray out from the bottom of a pile of stacked lasagne dishes and oven sheets, but things don’t have to be this way. As mentioned before, wire racks can keep oven trays and chopping boards neat, tidy and easily accessible.

There’s also plenty of organisers that can help you keep your Tupperware and old takeaway boxes tidy. This lid organiser has three different sections for small, medium and large lids. Trust us, you’ll be so grateful you made this investment.

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