These Halloween Costume Ideas For Sorority Sisters Were Made For Photoshoots

Your sorority sisters don’t have major plans for Halloween. However, you’re still planning on getting dressed up for a casual night spent in your backyard with tasty concoctions and a camera. On Oct. 31, you’re fully planning on posing with your pumpkin-shaped basket and other whimsical props for Instagram. You just need to decide which of these Halloween costume ideas for sorority sisters you want to bring to life on the spookiest night of the year.

Truth be told, there are so many options, so it’s probably best to decide what “theme” you’re going for. For example, do you want your costumes to make people laugh, say “aww,” or jump out of their seats? Do you want to look like your favorite TV or movie characters, or would you rather be mystical creatures like mermaids, or devils, or ghosts? Once you’ve made a decision, along with your big, little, or bestie in your sorority, then you’ll be truly ready to peruse the options below.

If you can’t decide on a theme or category, that’s OK. You can browse this list with your sorority sister by your side, and try to imagine what each backyard photo shoot would look like. If you are a couple of mermaids, you can hold shells in your hands; and if you are Max and Eleven from Stranger Things, you can paint a scary demogorgon on the white sheet behind you. The options are endless.

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1. Podcast Hosts

First up, you and your sister could be podcast hosts. You can dress up in your favorite podcast’s merch, and then walk around with a microphones in hand. For this Halloween costume, you may actually want to listen to a podcast like What We Said or Call Your Girlfriend to prepare.

2. Coffee Connoisseurs

It’s very likely that you and your sister first bonded over coffee. You might have been in the kitchen at the same time, chatting about your go-to coffee shops, and have been BFFs ever since. If that’s the case, dress up as coffee connoisseurs for Halloween. Show off mugs you both adore, wear barista aprons, and pose with coffee-making accessories like a brewer, beans, or steepable bags.

3. Jess And Cece From ‘New Girl’

Calling all my sitcom fans. This Halloween costume is for you. Jess and Cece are the sweetest and coolest of gal pals, and if you’re a big fan of New Girl, then you’ll want to channel them on Oct. 31.

To dress up like Jess, rock a colorful dress with a cardigan and pair of glasses. To dress up like Cece, toss on a fitted black dress and pair of heels, and put your hair back into a chic ponytail.

4. Captain Marvel

There are a ton of powerful women in the Marvel Cinematic Universe now, including Captain Marvel. You and your sister can totally dress up like her and pretend you’re saving Earth from Thanos, or any other potential alien threat. Simply put her costume on, and take pictures with your hands shooting up at the sky. Later, use Photoshop to add in light beams.

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