The Property Brothers Show Off Their Grandest Kitchen Upgrades

“Property Brothers” stars Drew and Jonathan Scott are at it again! On this season of “Brother vs. Brother,” they’re competing to see who can renovate the better home in Los Angeles. And in the latest episode, they’re facing off over (arguably) the most important part of the house: the kitchen.

In the episode “A Tale of Two Kitchens,” a lot is on the line. Drew hasn’t won a single kitchen challenge in all six seasons of “Brother vs. Brother,” so he’s determined to get lucky with No. 7.

However, his plans may be dashed since Jonathan has plans for some show-stopping features, including a custom barrel ceiling and double kitchen islands.

It’s up to judges Maureen McCormick and Dan Vickery from the HGTV show “Frozen in Time” to decide which brother’s kitchen and dining space is better—and they have a tough decision to make.

Read on to find out how Drew preserves the history of his home, and how Jonathan creates character in his. Who knows, you might see some design ideas you’ll be inspired to try in your own home.

Bring attention to your ceiling

This barrel ceiling is cleverly crafted with false brick panels.


Jonathan’s kitchen and dining area starts out looking pretty bare-bones, so the pressure is on to add style and character. Of course, he comes through, starting with a stunning new ceiling.

Jonathan knows Drew has a barrel ceiling in his house, so he decides to one-up him with a barrel ceiling (with four barrels) that’s decorated with brick veneer panels.

While Jonathan first tries to get the brick look with a printed wallpaper, he realizes he’ll need to step it up to beat Drew. So he gets the panels custom-made from a shop that specializes in making pieces for Hollywood movie sets. Apparently, if this brick is good enough for Hollywood, it’s good enough for this Hollywood home.

Jonathan Scott did a great job—this looks like real brick!


The result is a gorgeous ceiling with timeless charm.

When the renovation is finished, McCormick loves the feature.

“Oh my gosh, what a work of art,” she says. “You know, I feel almost like I’m in Europe. So beautiful.”

Why stop at one kitchen island when you can have two?

These double islands make this kitchen look massive.


Jonathan decides to go big with this project, building an addition so that he can add extra space to his stunning kitchen and dining area. And with all that space, Jonathan decides to give the kitchen not just one beautiful island, but two!

These islands make for plenty of dining space for the future homeowners, and they look beautifully unique.

The hottest new home feature: A see-through fireplace

Jonathan’s fireplace is uniquely see-through.


A beautiful home needs a beautiful fireplace—and Jonathan delivers.

By shifting the fireplace header up, he’s able to add a tall, modern fireplace to the sitting area off the kitchen. The fireplace is see-through, so not only does it match the frosted glass windows on either side, but it’s also wonderfully unique.

“I especially love that it’s a see-through fireplace that still gives you a view of the backyard,” Vickery says.

Connect your kitchen island to a table for extra seating

Drew Scott’s island-table combo looks great in this kitchen.


While Jonathan is making his kitchen larger, Drew is embracing his small kitchen, convinced he can win by focusing on function over size, making that compact kitchen unique.

One thing he does to make his kitchen stand out is build a table that connects to the island. It saves space and gives the kitchen some custom charm.

When the island and table are finished, it looks lovely.

“This is great! I’ve never seen a bench on the end of an island,” McCormick says. “It does give you a lot more seating.”

Go for classic black-and-white tile

dining room
The tile in this dining room is a nod to some of the home’s original flooring.


With Drew’s kitchen looking great, he has plenty of budget left to make the dining room look perfect.

With a revamped fireplace and a restored ceiling, Drew decides to add one more special feature: a new tile floor.

This black-and-white tile is similar to the tile Drew had to tear out in another part of the house. He brings some history back to the space while providing brand-new, beautiful flooring.

“I know this room didn’t have this tile, but this house had very similar tile,” Vickery says. “So bringing in that layer of history and telling the story of this home, I think, is fantastic.”

So which brother is better at kitchen renovation?

Drew budgeted $215,000 to get his kitchen and dining room looking beautiful, and stays on track. Jonathan planned to pour $515,000 into his kitchen, but spent an extra $9,000 on custom doors, the lighting, and the ceiling.

Jonathan spent much more on his renovation and it apparently helped, because he ends up winning the challenge! McCormick and Vickery love his design, especially since they know how much work he had to do.

“What’s interesting is, in the before pictures this house didn’t have a lot of character, and instead he really added it,” Vickery says. “There was less to play off of here and he took that blank canvas and really worked with it.”

It looks like Jonathan is the true kitchen master, winning seven “Brother vs. Brother” kitchen challenges in a row!

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