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David Winitsky moves to the Kitchen Theatre | Ithaca

The Kitchen is closed. Well, more or less for the time being. Finishing up the end of last season, The Kitchen Theatre Company announced the arrival of its new Artistic Director David Winitsky, after the unfortunate departure of the ever-insightful M. Bevin O’Gara. Now, under the leadership of Winitsky, the Kitchen will cook-up a new season, with a new staff, and new director in the middle of a pandemic that has essentially limited indoor in-person audiences to zero.

We caught up with David Winitsky after one of his commutes between South Philadelphia, where he is still a permanent resident, and Ithaca to find out what audiences can expect this coming year— a year of change, discomfort and innovation.

Ithaca Times: Can you tell us who you are?

David Winitsky: Well, Glenn, that’s such a good question! Do any of us actually know who we are? [laughs] I am a producer

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