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Whitaker Studio Anywhere House modular prefab

  • Whitaker Studio designed The Anywhere House, which is being built in Canada.
  • The house is built out of prefab units that can be put into any configuration.
  • The studio has a history of modular architecture.
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Since March, millions of people around the world have been forced to figure out how to work from home, from improvised office space to quick childcare solutions. London-based Whitaker Studio’s unique answer to this problem is a house the can be any shape and size, and go anywhere, as in the name The Anywhere House.

The house is made up of one or potentially dozens of individual units, each small enough to be transported by road. Then, they go together in a custom, possibly one of a kind house that was specifically built to meet the owners’ needs.

Prefab and modular housing was a growing industry until the

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