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8 things we’d want for the next Surface phone

Microsoft Surface Duo standing straight up 2

The Surface Duo represents a return to the mobile sector for Microsoft, albeit in a very unconventional form factor. Microsoft’s new device sports two screens to enable better multitasking and productivity, but it’s far from a perfect experience.

You can get the full story in our review below, but there are a number of ways — from the price and spec sheet to the overall experience — that the Redmond company could’ve improved matters. Here are eight things we want to see for the Microsoft Surface Duo 2.

Our verdict: Microsoft Surface Duo review

A far more polished software experience

Microsoft Surface Duo general UI 1

Arguably the biggest issue with the Surface Duo is the horribly unpolished software experience. Sure, first-generation products tend to have bugs that need squashing. Unfortunately, this isn’t so much a case of a few bugs as it is an entire infestation.

You’d think the firm would learn its lesson after

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