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Fewer paychecks, less spending, threat to Social Security

Paul Brandus, Opinion columnist
Published 5:00 a.m. ET Sept. 22, 2020

Millions must choose between working at home while watching the kids and helping them with school, or giving up the job, the paycheck and the career.

We’ve reached 200,000 Americans dead of COVID-19 in eight months — nearly half the U.S. death toll in World War II, which lasted over 45 months for America. As if that isn’t awful enough, damage from the pandemic keeps piling up in other ruinous ways. It’s all connected, meaning that one bad thing can make something else worse.  

Case in point: With schools now underway, 4.3 million workers might have to quit their jobs to take care of children learning from home. That’s according to research by Brevan Howard, an asset management firm, which says if these workers were counted as unemployed, they’d add 2.6 percentage points to the unemployment rate, standing at

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