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Renovation of Holmes Theatre lobby to cost $332,000

Bids on the project were opened Tuesday, Oct. 13, with the contract going to the low bidder, T.F. Powers Construction of Fargo, at an overall cost of $342,700. The bid package included a base bid of $331,900, plus one $10,800 alternate for additional brick work that may or may not be necessary once an interior wall covering is removed.

The renovations are slated to begin Monday, Oct. 19. The bulk of the project will be funded through a $290,000 CARES (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security) Act grant from Becker County, which was approved last month. The terms of the federally-funded grant require that the project be directly related to COVID-19 safety improvements, and that the funds must be used up no later than Dec. 1.

Though some renovation of the theater lobby was always going to be needed to accommodate construction of the new, adjacent county museum, recent changes

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Emery Center renovation underway as The Children’s Theatre plots purchase of historic concert hall

CINCINNATI — Construction on The Emery Center, one of downtown Cincinnati’s most historic buildings, could start in 2021. The Emery Center, which sits on Central Parkway between Walnut and Clay Streets, is currently made up of 59 apartments, Coffee Emporium, office space, and a long-dormant theater.

The apartments will be renovated in phases starting in January, but the theater’s $30 million renovation will take longer by up to the three and a half years, according to The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati.

“In real estate, we call it ‘bricks and mortar,’ said the building’s new co-owner, Chris Frutkin. “Well, there’s a lot of bricks and mortar in this building. It just goes on and on and on, [there are] whole rooms we had no idea existed.”

Emery Theatre from stage

Terry Helmer

The Emery Theatre will require about $30 million in renovations before it becomes the home of The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati.

Frutkin, of

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Civic Center’s historic Freede Little Theatre to get full remodel

“It’s an advanced screening like they have at Frontier City,” said John Semtner, architect and principal with FSB. “They can do 2,000 people an hour with no more waving a wand on everyone who walks through the door.”

Long-awaited revamp

The multi-year renovation of the Civic Center — which started in December 1998 and was finished in September 2001 — was part of the original MAPs and originally was supposed to include the Freede Little Theatre. It wasn’t included on future MAPS ballots, and no funding became available before the 2017 bond.

“The MAPS 1 budget for the project in total ran over, so that particular scope of the project had to be cut, which was really disheartening, I think, to all back then,” Gray said. “So, it’s finally happening, which we’re super proud of because we always wanted to make that happen just to honor … the historical nature

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David Winitsky moves to the Kitchen Theatre | Ithaca

The Kitchen is closed. Well, more or less for the time being. Finishing up the end of last season, The Kitchen Theatre Company announced the arrival of its new Artistic Director David Winitsky, after the unfortunate departure of the ever-insightful M. Bevin O’Gara. Now, under the leadership of Winitsky, the Kitchen will cook-up a new season, with a new staff, and new director in the middle of a pandemic that has essentially limited indoor in-person audiences to zero.

We caught up with David Winitsky after one of his commutes between South Philadelphia, where he is still a permanent resident, and Ithaca to find out what audiences can expect this coming year— a year of change, discomfort and innovation.

Ithaca Times: Can you tell us who you are?

David Winitsky: Well, Glenn, that’s such a good question! Do any of us actually know who we are? [laughs] I am a producer

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