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Miles Sanders Looks Forward to Going Home

Miles Sanders has played inside Heinz Field a few times in his football career.

He did it in high school when he attended Woodland Hills, about a 15-minute drive from ‘Dahntahn,” as Pittsburghers call the downtown area of the city and a trip that requires passage through the Squirrel Hill tunnel.

He did in college when he attended Penn State and the Lions played the Pitt Panthers and annihilated them one game.

“My favorite memory at Heinz Field is beating them Pitt Panthers 51-6, my junior year at college, said Sanders. “Just the fact that all my boys were on the (Pitt) team, and they were talking so much smack the whole offseason, and the game finally came, 51-6, that’s all I gotta say.”

Sanders will return to Heinz Field on Sunday to play his first game at Heinz Field as a professional when the Eagles (1-2-1) meet the 3-0

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