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Rhode Island Homeowners: Smart Home Appliances For Your Kitchen

A smart home is something every Rhode Island homeowner has heard of. But have you been taking advantage of the many ways that technology can make your home smarter? A good place to start is your kitchen.

There are many exciting and new appliances on the market to help get you organized and keep your kitchen running smoothly. Here are five appliances that can help you work smarter in the kitchen:

1. Interactive Refrigerators

Manufacturers such as Samsung have developed a smart refrigerator that’s interactive for the entire family. Not only will you be able to keep food cool at just the right temperature, you can keep track of expiry dates. You can also use the LCD screen on the outside of the fridge as a family calendar and message center and to watch the latest episode of your favorite television show.

Another benefit of a smart fridge is that

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Rhode Island Homeowners: Your “Green” Kitchen Makeover

If you’re a Rhode Island homeowner who wants to renovate this fall, why not consider the environment and energy savings when you plan your next project? When you want to “green” up your home, a kitchen renovation is a great place to start. With just a bit of planning, you can remodel and make updates that turn your kitchen into an environmentally friendly space that’s both green and stylish.

Value of a Green Kitchen

Even if you have a limited budget to work with, here’s why you should consider greening up your kitchen:

  • Cost-effective: Green remodeling is affordable. Many eco-friendly building materials are cost-effective.
  • Low-maintenance: Green kitchens focus on low maintenance and high quality, so over time you’ll spend less on repairs.
  • Energy-savings: Lower energy costs in your kitchen give you the benefit of long-term energy savings.
  • Health focus: A green kitchen remodel lets you create a healthy indoor living
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