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A modern family-home renovation that puts play first

The Toronto home of Greg Hall and Meghan Walker.

Riley Snelling/Riley Snelling

Eight years ago, Greg Hall and Meghan Walker, two entrepreneurs, bought their Toronto home because it had four separate apartments. Their plan was to live on the ground level, with Mr. Hall’s mom, who was in the process of downsizing, upstairs in a separate suite. Two basement units were to be rented out to offset the cost of the house.

At the time, the couple had a young daughter, and their 1,750-square-foot Summerhill flat felt comfortable. Things started getting tighter after their second daughter was born, more so with the birth of their third little girl. Two years ago, to alleviate their cramped quarters, Mr. Hall and Ms. Walker decided to take back their basement, doubling their living space. (Expanding to the second level was never an option – who would ever dare to evict their own mother?)

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Joy-Anna Duggar Puts on Makeup While Laboring: Birth Video

Up close and personal. One month after their daughter’s birth, Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth shared footage from Evelyn’s arrival.

“We arrived at the hospital at 8 p.m. Started a low dose of Pitocin that night to get Joy’s contractions going,” Forsyth, 26, captioned their Saturday, September 5, YouTube video. “At 7:30 a.m. that next morning, the doctor came in and broke her water. Once he did that, contractions became pretty strong and steady and her body started to labor on its own. At around 1 p.m., Joy started pushing and our baby girl arrived at 2:12 p.m!”

Counting On Joy-Anna Duggar Puts Makeup Behind-the-Scenes Birth Video
Joy-Anna Duggar. YouTube

The Counting On star noted that their little one was “posterior (sunny side up),” which explained his wife’s back pain during labor and “why she had to push so long.”

While Duggar, 22, didn’t receive an epidural when she welcomed son Gideon, now 2, in 2018, she opted for

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