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Vava 4K short-throw projector | Engadget

Like the smart TV you likely already have, Vava’s projector comes with an app store of sorts. I say of sorts, because it’s mostly full of unofficial apps (“Netflix Player” etc.) none of which I could get to work. I tried a Vice app, Discovery Go, a YouTube player and a Netflix player, no dice on any of them. Vava explained this away saying that most users prefer to connect a media player such as a Roku, but this does feel like a missed opportunity. I use a Roku with my smart TV, but mostly to access any apps that my TV doesn’t offer. I much prefer using just one remote and streaming directly to the TV/display if I can. More to the point though, if almost none of the apps even work, why bother having them? I even tried sideloading some APKs without success. Looking around online it seems

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