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Maximizing design choices in your new primary bathroom

Q: What types of choices are typically made by buyers for the primary bathroom in a newly built home? Is it just the tiles or do they also choose fixtures and more?

Spicher: Primary bathrooms now rival the kitchen as the most personalized space in the home. Some buyers even prefer to start with their owner’s suite bath design over the kitchen. Today’s homeowners are looking beyond simple tile. They also want personal choices when it comes to cabinets, hardware, countertops, wall tiles, lighting and mirrors. Probably the most interesting choice is between a free-standing tub, large walk-in shower or in some cases, both. These options create even more choices when it comes to shower and/or tub surrounds, shower floors and innovative plumbing fixtures.

Q: Where do you recommend someone start with a bathroom design — the color scheme, the shower or tub, the vanity or some other choice?


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After record turnout in NH primary, focus shifts to general election

CONCORD, N.H. (WCAX) – It was a record turnout in New Hampshire for last week’s primary election. The perennial battleground state could have a big impact on the upcoming presidential election and the man in charge of making sure everything goes off without a hitch says he’s as confident as ever heading into November.

“By far the record,” said Secretary of State Bill Gardner, D-New Hampshire.

More than 304,000 voters cast ballots in New Hampshire’s September 8th primary. Almost 30% of them– thanks to COVID-19– were absentee ballots. “The highest number of ballots we’ve ever cast in a September primary was a little over 9,000. We had over 90,000,” Gardner said.

Gardner has been New Hampshire’s Secretary of State for more than four decades. He attributes the high turnout, in part, to the pandemic inspiring Americans to do their civic duty. “I think there are certain times in our history

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