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Microsoft is testing Your Phone app-management improvements


Credit: Microsoft

Microsoft rolled out a new Dev Channel test build of Windows 10 on September 30. That build, 20226, has some new storage health monitoring functionality, plus updates and fixes. But the bigger news in today’s blog post about the new build has to do with the Microsoft Your Phone app.

I use the Your Phone app quite a bit as a way to interact with my Android phone right from my Windows 10 PC screen. But setting this app up is harder than it should be, in my experience. I’m betting Microsoft is hearing the same from others, and its team seems to be working to improve the experience.

Microsoft is rolling out a new user experience meant to improve Your Phone device management. There’s a new settings page, designed to improve how users can link a new device, remove an old device and switch between active devices

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8 things we’d want for the next Surface phone

Microsoft Surface Duo standing straight up 2

The Surface Duo represents a return to the mobile sector for Microsoft, albeit in a very unconventional form factor. Microsoft’s new device sports two screens to enable better multitasking and productivity, but it’s far from a perfect experience.

You can get the full story in our review below, but there are a number of ways — from the price and spec sheet to the overall experience — that the Redmond company could’ve improved matters. Here are eight things we want to see for the Microsoft Surface Duo 2.

Our verdict: Microsoft Surface Duo review

A far more polished software experience

Microsoft Surface Duo general UI 1

Arguably the biggest issue with the Surface Duo is the horribly unpolished software experience. Sure, first-generation products tend to have bugs that need squashing. Unfortunately, this isn’t so much a case of a few bugs as it is an entire infestation.

You’d think the firm would learn its lesson after

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