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How PetSmart, Home Depot, Hershey Are Boning Up

There Is More To Halloween Than Costumes And Candy

If retailers want to test new and unexpected Halloween categories, this is the year to do so. Overall spending this Halloween is predicted to decline as many Americans skip haunted houses, costume parties and other group activities that require festive décor, packaged treats and ghoulish rubber masks.

But their alternate choices for celebration will require some level of spending, as well. Yes, candy is selling, as are some costumes, but because they will be presented in a different way, different considerations should be applied to their retail marketing, as well as to potential market opportunities.

These 7 Survey Findings Shouldn’t Scare Retailers

Seven months into the pandemic, retailers have grown accustomed to battling what they can’t see. The findings from these various consumer surveys at least provide forecasts

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