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Opinion | For Kids at Home, ‘a Small Intervention Makes a Big Difference’

In Botswana, on March 18, the government announced it was closing schools. Over the next 72 hours, an organization called Young 1ove (that’s “love” with a numeral 1 instead of a letter “l,” as in “one love”) that works with the Ministry of Basic Education scrambled to collect phone numbers from students in third, fourth and fifth grades all over the country. Young 1ove’s staff ended up with 7,550 phone numbers — and no plan for what to do with them.

They knew that whatever they did would use phones. The vast majority of Botswanans have no access to the internet, no computer, no smartphone. But most households do have basic mobile phones.

Kids could get classes on Botswana TV and radio while at home. But many students quickly gave them up, or never started. “They think the teachers are too fast for them,” said Marea Bathuleng, whose children are

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Opinion | Doctors say Trump may go home Monday. Based on what they’ve told us, that’s a bad idea.

Let’s begin with what we know about the president’s vital signs, which are called “vital” for a reason. They are the single most important descriptor of how patients are doing. It’s also not enough to have one set of vitals, but to see trends. When doctors and nurses do rounds in the hospital, we pore over charts of all of the patient’s vitals during the past 24 hours.

We don’t have these numbers for Trump. During Saturday’s news conference, Conley described his patient’s vitals as “great.” Less than an hour later, an anonymous source (later identified as White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows) said that the president’s vital signs had been “very concerning.” If both are true, then that in itself is worrisome: It points to a changing clinical picture that must be closely followed.

In particular, we need to be watchful of the president’s respiratory status. In many

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Expensive dental work or minor plumbing home repair | Opinion

Mike Gibbons


If you were to present me with a choice of getting some extensive dental work or doing some minor plumbing home repair, I would need to get back to you after a lot of thought on which to choose.

Of all of the home repair things that can face a homeowner, plumbing is by far my least favorite of all tasks. Dealing with anything electrical would be at the top of the list, but since my wife has already made it very clear there is no need for me to ever even attempt such repairs, I don’t even have to consider that an option.

But when plumbing repairs present themselves, I can’t plead, “I might set the house on fire so we better call someone.” Such was the case recently when the toilet in our bathroom broke. It was fairly easy to detect that something was broken, because

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Don’t delay Aspen-Pitkin County Airport improvements | Opinion


Some Airport Vision Committee members now want to recant their vote recommending airside improvements at Aspen’s airport based on supposedly new information.

The first bit of new info is a quote from a Mitsubishi PR guy on the CRJ-700’s remaining design life. He isn’t exactly an authoritative source. Mitsubishi bought the CRJ “product line” for the maintenance network that it plans to use to service other aircraft. It doesn’t manufacture the 700 and is new to maintaining them. The plane is old for its type. Inefficiency, increased repair costs, and customer resistance are all pressing the airlines to switch to younger, more efficient, cheaper-to-fly aircraft. As they switch, which they’re still doing, pilot union contracts require them to mothball a 700 for each new regional jet they buy. The 700 is going away. Don’t take it from me; watch the Board of County Commissioners Sept. 9 work session video

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Please improve your home improvements | Opinion

Finally I grabbed some screwdrivers and began the exploratory project of undoing my failed home improvement, to hopefully find where I’d gone wrong. But I couldn’t see a problem and began carefully boxing up the pieces.

I walked into Home Depot carrying my box. Unfortunately, I had not been able to find my receipt, and told that to the lady standing at the customer service desk.

“I looked for my receipt everywhere,” I told her, which wasn’t altogether accurate, because if I had looked everywhere then I probably would have found it.

“How did you pay for it?” she asked.

“With my Home Depot card,” I perked up, thinking that would surely help, and handed her my card.

“Did you buy this in the last 30 days?”

“Well, no. It’s been a bit longer than that. Uh, I’ve been looking for the receipt.”

She stared at her computer and at

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