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Ethiopia: One Mama’s Kitchen At a Time

Girma Degu is a noted entrepreneur involved in the local hospitality industry. To him, the local hospitality sector is not just a business but rather helps make the capital a tourist friendly place. He is owner and operator of Mama’s Kitchen Boutique Hotel chain in Addis Ababa. Here, he reflects with The Reporter’s Samuel Getachew on his business, its growth and challenges including the recent COVID-19 pandemic, creating a local brand and finally gives advice to those who may want to emulate his story. Excerpts:

The Reporter: You are one of the most successful entrepreneurs involved in chain restaurants and now hotels. Tell me about that?

Girma Degu: I have always loved food and the hospitality industry in Ethiopia. From the get-go, I have seen much potential in it. I started working at a hotel in the early stages of my career. My dream has been to open and operate

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