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Chromecast media notification adds track controls on Android

One of the conveniences of using a Chromecast or a Cast-enabled speaker or TV is the ability to control playback from any device in the house (if you want). Starting a song from your phone and stopping it from your tablet, or asking your partner or roommate to do so while you’re wrist-deep into a new banana bread recipe, are possible because of the casting notification that surfaces on all devices connected to the same network. That notification is getting a small but awesome quality-of-life improvement now thanks to new track controls.

Previously, the casting notification offered four buttons: play/pause, mute/unmute, stop, and settings (which let you disable the notification on other devices). If you wanted to rewind that awesome tune you just heard or skip to the next video on your TV, you couldn’t do it straight away. You had to tap on the notification to open media controls

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Nest Multi-Room Audio Controls Just Leveled Up Big Time

Nest today has introduced some improvements to its multi-room audio controls that really make it all worth while for users.

The control interface itself will be rolling out to smart displays like the Nest Hub, Nest Hub Max, and JBL Link View starting today. The major improvement though is how this new control interface works with Cast-enabled Nest devices in multiple rooms.

Overall it’ll make streaming music to more than one room a lot simpler. And that added convenience will do more than just make the user’s life easier. It should also open up the capabilities of what devices you can cast to.

New Nest multi-room audio controls link audio together in real-time

The biggest benefit here is that linking audio together in multiple rooms is now in real-time.

Google says this new set of multi-room audio controls for devices such as the Nest Hub Max will allow users to

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