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Florida Home Covered In Beer Cans Is Selling For $100,000

Do you like Budweiser? I mean really like it? Well chances are slim that you enjoy the so-called ‘King of Beers’ as much as the former owner of this condo in Lake Worth, Florida. Located just south of Palm Beach, the 815-square-foot property—with two bedrooms and two baths—is covered from floor to ceiling in empty cans of Bud. That’s thousands of branded aluminum cylinders in total.

Although it went on the market earlier this year, the listing only recently started getting national attention after the country’s largest brewery posted it to their Facebook page. Accompanied by the sarcastic caption, “The perfect house doesn’t exi-”, it now boasts over 1,000 likes—and counting. The house, meanwhile, was originally priced at $110,000, but didn’t attract any offers until the asking cost came down by

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