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Heritage Station Museum flooding ends tour appointments | News

PENDLETON —The Umatilla County Historical Society’s Heritage Station Museum has canceled museum tour appointments due to flooding in one of its galleries.

On Tuesday, Aug. 11, one of the museum galleries, housed in the historic 1909 train depot, experienced flooding. No artifacts were lost or damaged during the flood and damage was contained to exhibit displays cases, carpet, drywall and baseboards.

In an Aug. 21 interview, Kari Brooks, the executive director, said the flooding was the result of a plumbing issue with a water valve that went down. 

Since July 28, the Heritage Station Museum has offered museum tour appointments to visitors. These tour appointments were two-hour blocks of time that allowed visitors the comfort of a safe, stress-free museum experience even during COVID-19. During these tour appointments, visitors were able to visit the much-anticipated Umatilla Gold Exhibit and also view a tribute to Til Taylor.

All visitor appointments have

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