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Carole Baskin cries, Kaitlyn Bristow’s ankle agony


The first night of “Dancing with the Stars” Season 29 was full of tiger stripes and claws. Carole Baskin received the lowest score of the night.


It was like a disco ball light switched on in Week 2 of “Dancing With the Stars.” After a flat opening night last week that left all kinds of questions, this dance machine reality show started to groove.

Sure they promoted Carole Baskin’s tearful TV breakdown in previews. But did anyone expect the “Tiger King” star to actually move in a way resembling dance on the floor? And still Baskin faced severe early exit drama.

There was delicious spectacle, literally touch-and-go “Bachelorette” injury menace, unleashed chest hair, an actual mirror ball jacket. New host Tyra Banks was sharper, as was the canned audience sound, and the cast is starting to pop with personality.

And there was the first elimination that frankly

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Mom tells of agony of losing twins at PMH


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WHAT was intended to be a routine C-section for Kayla Edwards-Dean, ushering in the birth of twin sons, ended in the tragedy of her almost losing her life and her twins dying.

On August 18, the lives of Kayla Edwards-Dean and her husband, Tai Dean, were changed forever when she went to give birth at Princess Margaret Hospital.

“I came from my private physician around three, four o’clock that evening,” Kayla Edwards-Dean said.

“We started preparing because I had an elevated pulse and started to have some contractions. So I went into the hospital. My husband lifted my bag in the ward but no one is allowed to stay because of this COVID thing. A lady was there by the window and she asked, ‘What you come here for?’ I gave her my notes from my private physician and I gave her my discharge notes from

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