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Hutch Kitchen offers cutting-edge accessories for cooks

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Iris says plans are to broaden kitchenware sales in North America, helping establish Calgary as a centre for warehousing and distribution.

And a hazelnut latte after roasted salmon tastes great in a double-wall stainless steel coffee mug at the Hutch Café.


• RBC has announced the winners of its 12th annual Top 25 Canadian Immigrant awards. Congratulations to Maryam Yaqoob, the fourth-annual Youth Award winner who immigrated to Calgary from Iraq. A doctor of medicine student and a clerk at the Cummings School of Medicine, during her undergraduate degree in cellular and molecular biology she received a total of 15 scholarships as well as being on the dean’s and president’s honour roll. Yaqoob is also co-founder of Calgary STEM Cell chapter and a mentor for other refugee youth.

• The recently redeveloped and refurbished 27-storey, 730,200-square-foot First Tower between 4th and 5th Avenues

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