Spruce Up Your Home Office for Efficiency, Comfort and Tax Breaks

Nearly 40% of Americans are working from home. While some were working from home before the pandemic, millions more now find their home to be their new office. Many companies plan on keeping things this way for a while. Here are some tips to help make working from home more comfortable and efficient.

Create Your Space

Find a designated area in your home to set up your office space. Try to keep it in an area that is fairly quiet, especially if you will be on calls and meetings. If you are going to be on-camera for meetings, look for a space with good lighting. You may need to add additional table or floor lamps.

Make it as comfy as possible, especially your chair. You can purchase special pillows for back support and comfort. If you don’t have the ability to set up your workspace in a separate room, consider buying a divider to have some privacy.

Personalize your new work area with photos and other items that will help make your space your own.

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Make the Most of Tax Benefits

Talk to your accountant about the tax benefits of working from home. You may be able to use a portion of your rentmortgage, electrical bills, water bills and many other household expenses as a write-off. If you have to purchase items such as a printer or computer screens, these may also offer a tax advantage. Keep diligent records and receipts on any expenses you incur due to working from home.

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