Residents come up with elaborate ideas that dot landscapes around Martinsville and Henry County | Home & Garden

While there are certainly some yard projects people can complete on their own, adding a popular water feature requires more know-how than grabbing a shovel and a garden hose. Other projects also deserve the knowledge of a trained professional.

Planting a bed of flowers might not seem like rocket science, but Cox noted that even that can take an unexpected turn over several years’ time if the plants are not properly spaced to begin with.

Then there are the technical aspects of landscaping, like properly installing irrigation systems.

However, not every yard project takes years of experience to do well. For those who aren’t quite ready to put a down payment on their backyard retreat, but want to spruce up their yard, Cox expressed that simple maintenance can go a long way when boosting curb appeal.

“I think mulching. I think neatness. Keeping the yard picked up, leaves out of it, grass mowed. I think something like that,” Cox said. “I think good maintenance is pretty much essential to keeping a property at its best.”

Looking to enhance their outdoor space, Martinsville husband and wife Jamie and Cristen Anderson and their two sons decided to put the money they’d saved for a June vacation toward updating their deck, especially with Virginia on a stay-at-home order.

“We decided to update the deck by staining, purchasing new furniture, a grill and updated décor. In addition to the deck, we have updated the kids play toys, sand play area and stocked up on outdoor activities such as chalk, bubbles, etcetera,” Cristen Anderson said. “This will give us something to do when at home during the spring and early summer.”

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