Ready for a change this autumn? Here are 10 inspirational ideas for upgrading your home this season

Autumn’s getting closer, and the allure of a fresh start is growing ever stronger!

You can’t deny that a spot of home renovation is a great way to satisfy that urge for change this season. And with these 10 top brands, you can do away with the old and welcome in all things new – and stylish! – to every corner of your home… 

Stylish new blinds at the click of a button 

We’ve been spending a whole lot of time in our homes of late, which has made us all very aware of all the little things that need fixing and replacing.

Something that commonly gets overlooked are our blinds, but they are so easily remedied – especially with Swift Direct Blinds.

This online-only company supplies made-to-measure window blinds that can be delivered throughout the UK, offering a quick and easy solution to our window dressing woes.

There are lots of different styles available, so you can find the ideal blind for your home or your upcoming renovations. Plus, Swift Direct Blinds offer 70% off high street prices AND a SizeSure Guarantee, so if you happen to find that your blinds don’t fit for whatever reason, they’ll exchange them for free.

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Beautiful natural flooring – without the upkeep 

Wood and stone flooring are both timeless ways of giving your home a chic look. 

But these natural materials can be difficult to look after; from furniture scuffs and scrapes to stiletto damage and staining, keeping these types of flooring looking as good as new can be difficult.

Fortunately, there is a way to have beautiful, natural floors in your home without the upkeep. Amtico has been producing luxurious British-made flooring for more than 50 years, and they’ve produced a diverse selection of LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tiles) that look as good as natural wood and stone, but have a whole lot more durability.

These hardwearing tiles are impervious to water and spillages, and have the durability to withstand the types of wear and tear that often damage wood and stone. Plus, they’ve been designed to be warm underfoot and compatible with underfloor heating.

Simply choose your colour, shape and laying pattern and you can look forward to years of gorgeous flooring that looks as good as the day it was laid.

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Make your home SPARKLE 

Shimmeringly clean bathrooms and kitchens are a welcome feature of any home. However, it can be difficult to make these spaces unique to you; after all, how exciting can a tiled room really be?

Well, very, as it turns out – and it’s all thanks to the magic of glitter. Hemway have produced a Glitter Grout Additive which provides long lasting, no rust and no bleed glitter grouting for your tiled spaces. Yes, really.

All you need to do is add the mixture to your standard grout, et voila! Rather than the usual boring white or black grout, you can make your tiles shine with an extra bit of sparkle.

And if that isn’t enough glitter for you, you can also use Hemway Glitter Paint Additive, which can be mixed with water-based emulsion to transform matt wall paints into sparkly ones, transforming any space into a beautifully glitzy haven.

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Unwind and destress with an at-home massager

We’ve all had a lot to deal with this year, and the ongoing disruption to our daily lives can leave a lot of us feeling increasingly stressed.

Finding time to unwind is key to our wellbeing, and neglecting to do this can cause our bodies to absorb a lot of stress, leading to pain and tension in our muscles.

However, making the most of downtime is easier than you think, particularly when you can enjoy a massage with a HoMedics Massager.

From massage chairs and hand-held devices, to massagers for your feet and neck, there is a vast selection of different tools on offer which can help you ease sore muscles and achieve ultimate relaxation. 

Each massager can help you achieve deep-kneading shiatsu, invigorating vibration, muscle-relieving percussion or even gentle yoga massage in the comfort of your own home, making it easier than ever to truly unwind and destress after a long day.

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Give your house a makeover

We all know how important it is to keep our homes in tip top shape to avoid dreaded house embarassment.

For those with wooden doors and frames, this has always been slightly easier to keep up with, but ensuring UPVC fitting always look fresh isn’t as straightforward. Plus, you’re often limited to white or brown colours which aren’t always very inspiring. 

But this is about to change, thanks to Kolorbond. This specialist paint manufacturer makes it possible to modernise window frames and doors thanks to its environmentally friendly paint which bonds to UPVC, creating a dense, slick finish that makes these features look brand new.

Wherever you live in the UK, you can arrange for a Kolorbond professional to come to your home and give your frames and doors a fresh lick of paint in any colour you wish to help transform your home. In fact, it’s so easy to use that you can even do it yourself.

Plus, thanks to the clever technology in the paint, you can even use it to upgrade kitchen cabinets, saving you money on fitting a whole new kitchen.

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Al fresco living beyond summer 

An entire summer at home has meant many of us have been putting a little extra love into our gardens this year, turning in them into charming havens where we can now while away the weekends in peace and quiet.

One feature which can help further transform our gardens into a blissful space is a patio sunshade, such as Markilux awnings by Roché.

These German-engineered canopies are fully automated with remote control operation, and come in a stylish range of innovative designs to help you create a homely patio atmosphere, ideal for weekends lolling about outdoors with family, or for dining al fresco.

Awnings are available in countless different fabrics and colours, and can be fitted with lighting and heating options of your choice. Plus, all awnings come with a built-in weather sensor and a five year guarantee as standard.

Book your free, no-obligation survey today. 

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Welcome to the age of home automation

It doesn’t seem that long ago that sci-fi films were suggesting how, in the very distant future, we’d be able to control everything in our homes at the touch of a button.  

Well, it seems the future is now with Theben Luxorliving home automation. This free, one-system app enables you to control everything in your house from your smartphone – from opening the blinds to adjusting underfloor heating, and even switching on the lights. 

Users can control multiple elements in every room of their property, either through touch or by using their voice, allowing you to create a house that, quite literally, responds to your every whim. Plus, you don’t need to be at home to use Theben, so you can switch on lights to make it look as though you’re home for extra security, or turn up the heating so it’s nice and cosy for your return. 

This system works with and without the internet and works through remote access via a secure cloud, meaning you always have full control of your home wherever you are. It can also be upgraded to factor in solar panel and car charging facilities should you add any green additions to your home. 

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Cook to perfection every single time 

Is there anything quite so satisfying as bringing out a perfectly cooked meal you’ve spent hours on from the oven, being enveloped in wafts of delicious aromas? 

Great food is one of life’s all-time joys, so we want to make sure that whatever we get up to in the kitchen is bang on every single time – and that’s where AEG’s Sense Cook Ovens can help.

Take the AEG SteamBoost oven, for example. Its responsive command wheel allows you total control over your cooking. With one touch, you’re met with a crisp colour display for at-a-glance monitoring of your meal, so you can make precision adjustments to ensure it’s cooked to total perfection.

It also boasts an ‘Assisted Cooking’ feature which has settings for specific foods, so you can get professional results everytime. 

Add to this AEG’s streamline, integrated designs, and it’s clear why this brand has been a trusted cooking companion for over 130 years.

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Need to upgrade your home PC?

With more and more of us working from home, we need our desktops to be ready and raring to go, not old and slow.

If you’re looking to upgrade your PC, Portus Digital can help you out. The new Portus AIO-101 all-in-one computer is a revolutionary model which has been designed to improve online connectivity and speed up programmes, so you can get to work quickly.

Simple to set up and requiring only one cable, the easy-to-use AIO-101 boasts an Intel i5 ninth generation CPU, up to 8GB RAM and 256GB of storage for efficient task management. 

It also comes complete with a keyboard and mouse, as well as integrated speakers and a pop-up webcam as standard, making the process of video conferencing and the rest of work’s little joys a seamless, less stressful process.

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Give your home wow factor 

There is ALWAYS room for a little home improvement. And if making the odd upgrade here and there can go some way towards adding some value to your property, then even better.

With their beautifully designed garage doors and timeless glass verandas, Crocodile can help you achieve just this, making it easier to add new dimensions and appealing features to your home.

The enclosed glass Wintergardens can help you enjoy your garden all year round, while the Stoaway garage doors can be operated at the push of a button, a nifty feature for ease of use.

All products can be tailored to your specific requirements, meaning you can control how much you spend on upgrading your home and the final look. You can also enjoy two years’ interest free credit to make renovating that little bit more manageable. 

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