Oregon State AD Scott Barnes says Reser Stadium renovation project remains on schedule

Oregon State athletic director Scott Barnes joined me on the radio show this week to talk about the upcoming football season and the Reser Stadium remodel project.

Listen to the full interview here.

Barnes said the pandemic has not affected the $140 million project, which is expected to be completed in 2023 and improve the west side of the stadium.

“The donors who want to participate in this project are still there,” Barnes said. “None of this has changed.”

On out-of-control athletic department spending nationally:

“We have to get our head around this. It’s not sustainable. We have to find a way to manage it and to course-correct in some form or fashion… it’s something that is not sustainable.”

On potentially trying to make-up the canceled football game with Oklahoma State:

“That final decision hasn’t been made. We’ll look at all the options and make a decision based on what’s available and see what’s there… we don’t want to stray from our model.”

It sounded a lot like Barnes and OSU want to start fresh with a new series.

Barnes also talked about fly fishing in the mountains, his football program, the budget, scheduling the 2020 season and more. It’s a candid listen with an AD who is charged with managing the Beavers’ athletic department.

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