Max Collins shares home water birth experience

Two months after giving birth to her and husband Pancho Magno’s first child, Max Collins recalled for fans her home water birth experience. 

On her latest vlog, she started by sharing how she suddenly started getting contractions at around three in the morning on July 6. Feeling so much pain, it was then she realized it was time. 

Thankfully, there’s a cellphone app that helped her monitor her contraction.

Because of the scare brought about by the pandemic, Max had to give birth at  home and she started “slightly panicking.”

With the help of her husband they started getting everything ready, including inflating the pool she is to use, filling it up with water. 

“He tried to make the room very spa-like with candles and a diffuser and just make it all really nice except we forgot one thing — that our blinds don’t really cover the light so it was so so bright and I was really uncomfortable so I ended up having painful contractions and wanting to hide,” she vividly remembered. 

According to Max, she actually hid in their closet for some time.

“I was on the floor and it was dark. I stayed there for a while, I was in pain.”

Of course, Pancho helped ease her pain by giving her a massage. 

Max said that once her little angel came out she felt “overwhelming joy.”

“I just felt so much relief that he came out safely and he was crying really loud,” she added.

But her pain didn’t end there as she also had to expel the placenta.

Overall, the experience was not what she expected.

“It’s like a totally different thing when you’re actually feeling it. So it felt very, very intense but amazing. It’s not easy but it’s very fulfilling and very worth it,” she declared.

The two immediately introduced to the world their baby, Skye Anakin.


It was last March when Max shared to fans her plan to give birth at home due to the increasing number of COVID-19 cases in the country.


Max and Pancho wed December 2017.





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