Legend One $21,500 tiny home with AI is available for pre-order

  • Nestron will be manufacturing the Legend One, an eco friendly $21,500 tiny home with artificial intelligence systems and a bedroom, living room, kitchen, and bathroom.
  • For $12,500 more, the 167.92-square foot home — which is currently available for pre-order — can come fully furnished and move-in ready.
  • The Legend tiny home lineup was designed to appeal to the traditional tiny home customer that’s drawn to container or cabin homes.
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Nestron will be manufacturing the Legend One, an eco-friendly $21,500 tiny home with artificial intelligence systems.

The company, which was founded three years ago, currently has two tiny home “series” in its product lineup: the Legend and the Cube, both with differing exterior appearances but similar interior amenities, like eco-friendly components and an artificial intelligence system.

The Cube tiny homes — which is currently the company’s most popular series — were designed to appear “futuristic,” according to its maker. To contrast this modern, spaceship-like look, the Legend series was created to appeal to the conventional tiny home crowd.

“The decision to design Legend series was because we want to cater to clients who are interested in traditional container or cabin-style tiny houses,” Choco Toh of Nestron’s marketing team told Business Insider in an email interview.

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