Home Garden Ideas: Learn to set up home gardens from Preity Zinta, Madhuri Dixit & others

Amid the ongoing COVID-19 lockdown, many Bollywood stars motivated fans to indulge in developing healthy habits like reading and fitness. However, many were seen resorting to greenery by learning home gardening. From sharing tips to showing off their home gardens, celebs made an attempt to make their fans understand how easy it is to grow and nurture healthy veggies at home. Here we have assembled a list of all the actors from whom one can learn new home garden ideas:

Preity Zinta

Actor Preity Zinta keeps giving insights about home gardening on her Instagram page. In one of the videos shared by her, the actor revealed that she feels awesome to grow vegetables at her own house. In the clip, Preity is showing-off the capsicum plants that she has been nurturing over time. Thanking her mother, the Kal Ho Naa Ho actor said it was her mother who inspired and taught her the beauty of growing veggies at home.

Madhuri Dixit

Madhuri Dixit recently shared her experience of setting up a kitchen garden at home through a video that shows before and after pictures of the plants. In the video, the entire family could be seen working together, helping the dancing queen to fill up empty trays with soils and seeds. All the tiny planters and trays were labelled with their respective herb names. While sharing the video, Madhuri wrote, “Setting up my kitchen garden together with the family. Never stop trying your hand at something new and interesting. #ExperiencesOverThings”.

Bhumi Pednekar

Bhumi Pednekar is another Bollywood star who had shown fans how they can grow vegetables & fruits at their house. Calling it ‘Pednekar Ke Ped’, the actor has grown several vegetables like eggplant, strawberries and more. After months of extensive care and efforts, the actor was able a fruitful end result which she shared with her fan army. Take a look:

Juhi Chawla

Amid lockdown, Juhi Chawla also took a step toward home gardening by planting ‘tomatoes, fenugreek and coriander’. She took to her Instagram and revealed that planting is the new profession that she has willingly joined. Check out the pictures of her home garden here:

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Samantha Akkineni

Let’s get Seeding. Here are a few things for you to keep in mind when you are sowing

– Make sure your seeds are healthy, unhealthy seeds give rise to weak seedlings and they don’t grow healthy.

– Weak seeds are lighter in weight, they float in water, smaller than usual, pale in color, and mostly with the wrinkled seed cover. If store-bought, make sure to check the expiry date.

– Be sure to store them in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight and soaking for a few hours before sowing your seeds is a good practice.

– Now, before sowing, wet the soil or cocopeat a little. Don’t pour water, gentle sprinkle on the top layer. Overwatering will drown the seed.

– Very important, don’t bury the seed too deep, place the seeds no more than 1-2 cm in the soil, any deeper and the seedling will have trouble popping out.

– Never pack the soil or cocopeat very tight, sow in loose soil.

– If you can, cover the seeded area for 2-3 days till you see some sprouting and water with care. Not too much, just wet the top layer.

– If you germinated in a nursery bag or tray and need to transplant to your pot or garden, do it after you have 3-4 true leaves, gently.

– If you are growing hydroponically, you can just move the coco coin in a net pot straight into NFT Channel4

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Bipasha Basu

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Shilpa Shetty

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