Historic Campbell Station Inn in Farragut nears renovation completion

The Campbell Station Inn has a rich history pre-dating the Civil War and is now getting closer to a complete makeover.

FARRAGUT, Tenn. — The Campbell Station Inn has a rich and extensive history that predates the Civil War. The history may stay there forever, but the building itself is now getting closer to a complete makeover.

The building is in the heart of Farragut, at Kingston Pike and Campbell Station Road. The town has worked for years to restore Campbell Station Inn, including asbestos abatement and removing failing additions, such as the west wing and the screened porch.

By removing the additions, the building was brought back to its original structure. Then, the town added a new roof, new electrical systems, new heating systems. The town also installed a sprinkler system and repaired plaster and internal brick walls.

“The plaza will be open to the public, hopefully, late fall and then we hope to have some events here,” Wendy Smith said, who works with the Parks and Recreation Department. “It will also be available as a rental sometime this fiscal year. We hope to determine how we’re going to use the interior, too.”

Now, the town is working to spruce up the plaza around the property for the final phase of the project. Officials said they expect it to be done by late fall. They also said they hope to have events planned for the plaza by the end of 2020.

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