Gather Round the Fire! RB73 Quaruba Outdoor Fireplaces

The summer is drawing to a close, and with pandemic concerns, nothing is better than a cozy evening at home with family. Many of those evenings will call for a nice fire and to make this possible with timeless design from Holland company who produce modern wood burning outdoor fireplaces.

The RB73 company prides themselves on design in the realm of fireplaces, and offers solutions to enjoy a beautiful flame year round. Fireplaces like the Quaruba let you spend more time together outside without the fear of confined spaces. You can have a socially distanced gathering with a few close friends while the fire provides a conversational focal point.

RB73’s Quaruba comes as a 4-Sided glass fireplace that shares a good view from every angle. Its closed in design, and chimney keeps the smoke, ash, or sparks contained so the party continues comfortably. Coming in a stationary, and mobile versions, the Quaruba is made from Corten steel and glass with a pipe valve to control flames.

A mobile version has a space for additional wood at the bottom, and 4 wheels so that you can wheel it to your desired location. Each of the outdoor fireplaces have three sizes with a base size of 21″ by 21″ with varying heights to suit you. The company carries a wide variety of outdoor fireplaces and to find the right one for your situation, visit RB73.

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