Gansevoort Meatpacking Unveils Prime Upgrades With Google Home And The Mirror

The Meatpacking district’s most iconic hotel, Gansevoort Meatpacking, reveals a massive upgrade and collaboration with fellow neighbor, Google. In 2004, Manhattan’s chicest micro-neighborhood welcomed the first luxury hotel boasting both city skyline and Hudson River views. With a 24 hour rooftop pool and multiple dining options the sprawling premises soon became known as New York’s first “urban resort” led by father and son team William and Michael Achenbaum.

Now, with new restrictions in place, Gansevoort Meatpacking has undergone major overhauls to protocols and practices in all 186 rooms, 20 suites and, of course, the penthouse. All with the goal of enhancing safety procedures and maintaining their cutting edge status as the centerpiece of the neighborhood. New in-room dining options solidify the extra precautions while enticing diners safely and distanced. The first floor restaurant, The Chester, has updated dining procedures and separate menus for patio and, soon, indoor dining. The Chester will also provide room service options with classics like avocado toast and one of the best prime burgers in the neighborhood.

With booking live as of last week, Anton Moore, General Manager of the hotel affirms, the idea was to bring elements from the outside in, “drawing inspiration from the Meatpacking District neighborhood we’ve known, loved and been a part of for more than 15 years. We’ve always wanted Gansevoort to be your home away from home.”

While most New Yorkers don’t own their own loft, Gansevoort Meatpacking aims to create space for that dream. To embrace a sense of ease and calm, each room’s foundation relies on neutral ombré wallpaper and grey plank floors to mimic the iconic cobblestones tourists and locals alike stumble over on a regular basis. Accents of signature blues and grays reflect the surrounding waters of the Hudson River while the historic High Line itself provides inspiration for the beds. Walnut headboards lend a solid stability and act as a touchstone of grounding in the bustling city. Nostalgic touches like sliding barn doors for the bathrooms and subway tiles evoke old New York charm while saving space for the two new technological additions.

The Meatpacking District also calls itself home to a major Google location. As such, they’ve combined forces to bring the most up to date technology in house. Featured in each room, a Google Nest Hub will control the room’s setting while the new Google Assistant for Hospitality will offer a chat function that helps guests access hotel and neighborhood information. Room service has never been easier with a direct line to The Chester for hand cut truffle fries and bacon and gruyére mac and cheese.

Gansevoort Meatpacking is officially the first and only hotel to house the Mirror workout system in each room. The Mirror, a full length mirror and interactive home gym hybrid is a game changer for fitness in the these socially distant times. Each room comes equipped with a Jade brand yoga mat in their signature navy blue.

Here, General Manager Anton Moore breaks down the VIP upgrade.

1. What are you excited about with the new construction? The design overall pulls the outside in and ties back to our neighborhood heritage storyline. Gansevoort Meatpacking introduced lifestyle hotels to the Meatpacking District, and will now play a pivotal role in resetting the standard and raising the bar. We are a grown up Gansevoort in a grown up Meatpacking.

 2. What will guests be most pleased with in new rooms? Our new rooms have been enhanced with advancements in technology, wellness and art. The world travelers and city goers we aim to attract will be impressed with the thoughtful touchpoints and cultural details. 

3. Have you tried the MIRROR? Thoughts? Yes, and I now need one in my apartment! It is a motivating and socially distanced way to workout outside of a traditional gym. Live classes and interactive sweat sessions make it both fun and fulfilling. 

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