Family’s RV Renovation Has a Secret Door, Projector, and Fireplace

When Molly and Jaren Garcia purchased their newest RV, it was drab and filled with unutilized space. So they renovated it. Today, it’s complete with secret storage, a hidden doorway, and a drop-down projector.

The Garcia family made some unusual renovations to their 400-square-foot RV.


Speaking with Insider, Molly and Jaren Gracia said that by the beginning of 2020 they were ready to upgrade their home.

They had been living in an older RV for about a year, they said, and while the RV had plenty of bedrooms, it lacked the kitchen and living space the family of five desired. 

So, for $55,000, they bought a 400-square-foot Heritage Glen 378FL. Then, Molly and Jaren got to work transforming it into a home where they could live with their three children, Lillie, 13, Jaxton, 9, and Willow, 4.

Over the last couple of years, the family has added both fun and essential elements to their home all while sharing their adventures on their WePlusThreee TikTok and Instagram accounts (their TikTok account has 54,000 followers; on Instagram, it’s 57,000).

Now, their home has everything from a doorway disguised as a bookcase to an entirely new loft. Take a look inside. 

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