Elmhurst man jailed with multiple felony charges including home repair fraud

CHICAGO — An Elmhurst man who operated a fraudulent business has been jailed in Will County on numerous felony charges, including home repair fraud and money laundering.

Edmund Kavanaugh, 46, operated a business known as “Goliath Construction Corporation”, which offered home repair, roofing, HVAC and appliances.

One family that fell victim to his fraudulent practices is glad that Kavanaugh will be unable to continue his illegal practices, which date back to 1995.

“We are thrilled he’s off the street and cannot take someone else’s deposit,” one Duggan sister said.

The sisters were referred to Kavanaugh on the “Moms of Beverly” Facebook page from a woman that turned out to be fictitious.

The Duggan family had spent over $8,000 for materials on a job that Kavanaugh said would cost over $32,000, to which he offered a payment plan.

The Duggan sisters said Kavanaugh showed them all of his papers, license, referrals and insurance they now believe were all fraudulent.

Most of the work remains undone and in further disrepair. The Duggans discovered this was a pattern among his customers.

Authorities have set up a hotline for any others who had fraudulent interactions with Kavanaugh at 312-600-5350.

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