Condo Life: Remodeling adds personal touch for condo living


Remodeling your home can either be a smooth transition or a rocky one, but knowing the specifics of remodeling a condominium is incredibly important, as homeowners have different hurdles to face.

In the 2018 report by, 10 Things You Absolutely Need to Know Before Renovating a Condo, the top item on the list is to consult your condo board well in advance. The reason for this is every condo building is different regarding rules and regulations about construction in the building. The condo HOA or board will then inform you of the basic guidelines for what can and can’t be done for renovations, it stated.

Addressed in the report as well are things to be aware of, such as newly constructed buildings may not yet have rules in place for renovations, and you have to be ready to find a contractor who is actually willing to work in a condo, as this is a different setting.

In addition, you may need to offer up your parking space or be willing to pay. Lastly, it stated to expect the worst and hope for the best.

Amy Bernstein with Bernstein Realty purchased a condominium in a building she loved with breathtaking views in April 2020, but though the basic floor plan worked, she still wanted to put her personal touches on it.

The property will not be complete and ready for move-in until next spring.

“After hiring an architect and designer, there were so many opportunities to enhance the floor plan and design, that I decided to start from new and tore almost everything out to the walls,” Bernstein said.

The next was getting approval for the remodel.

“Because of the extent of the project, and the raising of ceilings and moving of walls, an engineer had to be brought in to assist with the architect in the design, along with the designer,” Bernstein said. “Plans needed to be approved by the building and are now at the city waiting for final permitting.”

Bernstein is excited about the upcoming possibilities with the renovations.

“I have always loved the Montebello, the location and the way the building is so well run. I had looked for a while and focused on where I wanted to be as well as well as which building, I wanted to be in with the views I wanted. Once identified, I could change any unit cosmetically to make it my own,” Bernstein said.

Most importantly, Bernstein is looking forward to the condo experience, coming soon.

“I have never lived in a high-rise condominium, but I am looking forward to a lock-and-leave lifestyle, which is what this is. I am looking forward to the security, location and conveniences offered by living in a high-rise,” she said.

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