City Of Boise Celebrates Bernadine Quinn Riverside Park Improvements

September 30, 2020

Mayor Lauren McLean, members of the Boise City Council and leaders from the Parks and Recreation Department gathered along the south shore of Quinn’s Pond today, September 30, 2020, to dedicate brand-new amenities at Bernardine Quinn Riverside Park. The 3.5-acre addition to the park is located just off the Boise River Greenbelt along the southern edge of the pond, with parking accessible at 3150 W. Main Street.

This site expands popular recreational offerings at Quinn’s Pond with improved river access, bank stabilization and recreational opportunities for visitors. The initial green-up phase has been completed and the park includes a covered shelter with seating, new walking paths and landscaping.

“This is an exciting addition to our park system at a time when recreational opportunities are more important than ever,” said Mayor McLean. “Boise’s parks and outdoor spaces are free and accessible to everyone and the mental and physical health benefits can’t be overstated.”

Quinn’s Pond and adjacent Esther Simplot Park have become popular year-round recreation destinations. Both parks are part of the city’s popular “Ribbon of Jewels” – properties given to the City of Boise in honor of some of Boise’s finest civic leaders.

Bernardine Quinn Riverside Park and Quinn’s Pond are located at the former site of Quinn Robbins heavy construction company’s gravel operation. Land for the park and recreational area was donated to the City of Boise in 1997. This dedication and ribbon cutting marks the most recent improvements made to the park, which also includes the dock and beach on the north side of the pond.

“This improved access to Quinn’s Pond creates even more opportunities for families in Boise to enjoy the outdoors,” said Doug Holloway, Boise Parks and Recreation director. “We look forward to this area becoming a recreational and environmental education destination for all ages. This addition is critical to continuing to address the high volume of users at this unique water complex.”

In future years, educational pollinator and firewise gardens will be added at this new park site as funding is available.

This press release was produced by the City of Boise. The views expressed here are the author’s own.

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