City-County councilor wants to see safety improvements for pedestrians on far east side roads

INDIANAPOLIS — An 11-year-old boy was struck and killed riding his bike this past weekend on the far east side, and now City-County Council members are speaking out.

They want to see more done to improve the safety on east side roads.

“For the family, my deepest condolences. I send a prayer up,” says District 14 City-County Councilor La Keisha Jackson. “We can’t bring your child back, but we can put law into place to move forward to help other kids, so this doesn’t continue to happen.”

The incident occurred along north Post Road near Jamestown Apartments. Lawrence Police say the boy was riding his bike with his 15-year-old brother. The pair was on one bike while crossing the road when they were struck.

The nearest cross walk at that spot is three to four blocks away in each direction. The road actually splits two City-County Council districts. Jackson wants to see more sidewalks on the far east side, along with flashing lights on Post Road near apartment complexes.

“Bicycle lanes? I don’t see any on the far east side, so we can get those here,” adds Jackson.

“Post Road from one end to the other is a very busy road because of businesses, there are also apartment complexes and housing additions all in one,” said Lawrence Police Captain Tracey Cantrell. “People are in a hurry to get to their locations, and sometimes by them not paying attention things happen. Just have to assume that something will jump out in front of you.”

Jackson is calling on legislators to help Marion County during budget hearings this November. She says infrastructure dollars from the state are outdated, and she wants the councilors to have the funds to help their districts remain safe.

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