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Photographed by Maria del Rio.

No matter what you do in between, your bedroom is where you begin and end every single day. It’s your sanctuary — or it should be, anyway — and that’s why it’s so important to make it yours. Luckily, there are countless stylish bedroom design ideas that’ll help you do just that. Before you start tossing out furniture and knocking down walls, however, you might want to figure out which design plans are realistic for your particular space, budget, and abilities. 

Ultimately, when you’re redoing a room, you can break down your design plans into three categories: decorative, aesthetic, and structural. All of them have the potential to transform a room, but some are more dramatic (and more expensive) than others. 

We’ll start with decorative, since it’s typically the most accessible category. These are the changes that you can tackle in a single day, since they don’t alter a room’s hardware or structural elements: upgrading your furniture, investing in new decorations, hanging paintings, or switching up your lamps. These easy jobs can revamp your bedroom overnight, without breaking the bank. 

Next, there are aesthetic changes, which require a little more elbow grease. Yes, this category probably means breaking out your drill and picking up some drop-cloths, but it’s worth it; a fresh coat of paint and a refinished floor go a very long way when it comes to creating a relaxing and tranquil space — especially when paired with new light fixtures and some stylish shelves. 

Last but not least, there’s the structural renovations category. These are by far the most dramatic changes, as they alter the physical footprint of your bedroom. Examples might include exposing some beams, raising your ceiling, breaking through a wall to add square footage, adding a picture window, or building a new closet. These jobs are the most advanced and the most expensive, but when you’re done, you’ll feel like you’re walking into a completely different space. 

Choose a single design category or incorporate aspects from each one — either way, these 40 bedroom ideas are sure to provide plenty of inspiration. 

1. Tons Of Textiles

Photographed by Eric Kunkel.

Not sure where to start? Upgrading your textiles can make a huge difference, and we’re not just talking about a new sheet set, either. Blankets, throw pillows, rugs, and curtains can all provide much-needed texture in a sterile room, which makes it feel infinitely cozier — plus, it’s a simple way to change up your color scheme on a budget. 

2. Minimalism 

Photographed by Ruth Maria Murphy.

Renovating a room isn’t always about adding stuff — sometimes it’s about cutting back. If you have a smaller bedroom, removing unnecessary furniture can help it feel bigger, more practical, and more tranquil. As seen in the photo above, a simple side table and a frameless bed might be all you need. 

3. String Lights

Photographed by Maria del Rio.

String lights aren’t just reserved for backyards and college dorms. They can also make adult bedrooms feel whimsical and relaxing all at the same time. Hang them from your ceiling or exposed beams for an industrial loft-like feel, or frame your bed, windows, and bookcases with them. 

4. Monochromatic Color Schemes

Photographed by Aubrie Pick.

Sometimes designing a room is enough to keep you up at night. If you’re not confident in your ability to match shades, opt for a monochromatic color scheme instead. Gray walls, a white bedspread, and black accents will never clash, but there’s still enough variability that certain elements pop. 

5. Mixed-And-Matched Wood

Photographed by Tessa Neustadt.

Light wood throughout your home will give it a Scandinavian feel, but don’t feel like everything needs to match perfectly. Your floors, furniture, and trim can utilize varying wood tones and still remain clean and airy. 

6. A Bedroom Fireplace 

Photographed by Nicole Franzen.

If you’re looking to make your bedroom feel like a five-star hotel room, this is the way to do it. A bedroom fireplace is both elegant-looking and practical; it’ll add visual interest to a space while also keeping you warm in the colder months. Can you think of anything better than your bed, a book, and a crackling fire? 

7. A Unique Bedframe 

Photographed by Caroline Sharpna.

Maybe you don’t have the budget to invest in a whole new bedroom set. No problem — focus on the item of furniture that matters most: Your bed frame. (After all, you’ll use it every day without fail.) It can act as a statement piece that steals the show or it can tie the rest of your eclectic, mismatched furniture together. 

8. Built-In Shelving

Photographed by Bridget Badore.

Built-in shelving adds depth to a room, but it also adds practical storage. Suddenly, your picture frames, knick-knacks, books, and potted plants look less like clutter and more like decor. If you’re handy with a drill and a level, you can do it all yourself. (And for a bigger challenge, you can try cubbies or an entire built-in shelving system.)  

9. Bright, Earthy Tones

Photographed by Angel Tucker.

Earthy tones have a reputation: They’re subtle and sleepy — but they don’t have to be boring. Pair burnt-clay orange and sky blue with sunshine yellow for a bedroom that’s cozy yet unexpected. When used alongside fresh walls and new hardwood floors, it’ll look anything but outdated. 

10. Gallery Pictures

Photographed by Erik Melvin.

Here’s a tip for anyone who’s budget-savvy, indecisive, or has a wide range of styles and interests: Instead of one big expensive wall hanging, opt for several smaller ones. A gallery-style wall costs less and lets you display a variety of images at once. You can even frame magazines, posters, DIY photographs, and your own artwork. 

11. White Wainscoting

Photographed by Virginia Rollison.

Wainscoting is often found in old-world style houses, but when you bring it all the way up to the ceiling and paint it a bright decorator’s white, it’ll feel modern and elevated instead. It not only adds depth to plain walls, it can also be used to frame your light fixtures and wall hangings for a more symmetrical layout. 

12. A Reading Nook

Photographed by Michelle Liando.

When it comes to a better night’s sleep, experts recommend screen-free before-bed activity. The tried-and-true option? Reading, and a designated book nook in your bedroom is a surefire way to inspire that habit. It doesn’t have to be complicated, either; built-ins and canopies are great, but a free-standing bookshelf and a cozy armchair work just as well. 

13. Upholstered Headboards 

Photographed by Ana Kamin.

For years, headboards have been made out of wood and metal, but this trend looks and feels much cozier. A soft, fabric-covered headboard looks particularly contemporary and cushions your back while you’re leaning against it. The best news? It’s super easy to make your own. 

14. Paneling In Unexpected Places

Photographed by Maria del Rio.

When they hear the word “paneling,” most people think of ’80s basements and hunting cabins. It doesn’t have to be that way. Use wooden planks in unexpected ways to bring a natural yet modern feel to your home. In the bedroom, that could mean a unique door, headboard art, or a wall-to-wall ledge for books and decor. 

15. Lots Of Natural Light

Photographed by Ana Kamin.

This probably isn’t the best design tip for night owls — but for morning people and for those who are concerned with resale value, it’s one of the best renovations you can do. Research shows that homes with poor natural lighting lease for 20 percent less than their well-lit counterparts, so if you can put in some new windows, do it. Your pocketbook will thank you, and so will your circadian rhythm.  

16. Textured Walls

Photographed by Amy Bartlam.

Plain paint and floral wallpaper aren’t your only options. There are plenty of materials and techniques you can use to transform your bedroom walls. Here, the designer opted for beadboard trim and a painting technique that makes the walls look like textured concrete. 

17. Simple Light Fixtures

Photographed by Amy Bartlam.

When it comes to light fixtures in the bedroom, you want to find a middle ground. You can make a statement, but you don’t necessarily want something distracting as it overwhelms the room. These transparent orb lights are interesting and soothing at the same time, and the designer included matching side-table lamps for some before-bed reading. 

18. Accent Ceilings

Photographed by Erin Williamson.

Contrary to popular belief, ceiling white is not your only option. You can add a ton of visual interest to a room simply by choosing an unexpected accent color for the ceiling. Here, the homeowner chose a deep green, which isn’t used anywhere else in the room — and yet, somehow, it all goes. 

19. Eye-Catching Mirrors

Photographed by Claudia Uribe.

Mirrors can be just as eye-catching as paintings when they play with shape and form — but they’re a lot more practical, especially when placed above a vanity or dresser. This one complements the room’s playful aesthetic with a white, scalloped border and a round design, all without distracting from the soothing simplicity. 

20. A Bedroom Bench

Photographed by Tessa Neustadt.

Use it as a reading spot. Lay your clothes out on it for the next morning. Sit on it while you tie your shoes. Bedroom benches have countless uses — some even have built-in storage for clothes and bedding — so it’s probably a worthy element to incorporate into your next redesign. 

21. Potted Plants

Photographed by Anna Powell Teeter.

Bring the great outdoors in with a few potted plants. While this decor trend is a bit more common for the kitchen and living room, adding greenery to the bedroom can give the space an oasis-like ambiance. Just make sure your silent pets have enough natural light to survive, or opt for a plant that thrives in low-light environments. 

22. Gold Finishes

Photographed by Becky Kimball.

Brass is back and it’s never looked so sophisticated. You can find this Art Deco-inspired accent color incorporated in just about every room right now: showerheads in the bathroom, cabinet hardware in the kitchen, and coffee tables in the living room. For the bedroom, look for gold bed frames, brassy side tables, or rich, shiny lamps. 

23. Bohemian Charm

Photographed by Nicole LaMotte.

A bohemian bedroom is relaxed, comfortable, and nearly impossible to get wrong. (It’s all about individualism, after all.) Start with a simple base and layer on all of your favorite colors, textures, and patterns. It’s also the best design style if you’re looking to repurpose some old furniture since mismatched, rustic elements only amplify the aesthetic. 

24. Modern Wallpaper

Photographed by Emily Andrews.

Wallpaper is making a comeback — at least, some styles are. If you want to keep a room feeling classic yet fresh, opt for a simple pattern without too much color variation. Here, the designer used blue florals to add a traditional touch to an otherwise contemporary bedroom. 

25. Unexpected Wall Hangings

Photographed by Erin Kunkel.

Tired of paintings and framed photographs? Throw some unexpected accents up on your walls. Hang your guitar from a neck mount, turn an old bike into an upcycled ornament, or add some texture with a rustic DIY wall hanging. 

26. A Side-Table Headboard

Photographed by Morgan Pansing.

Minimize your furniture shopping while maximizing your bedroom’s usable space. This bed frame and side table combo does it all in one simple piece. It has a mid-century modern vibe while simultaneously bringing something new to the table — no pun intended; those floating end tables are very avant-garde. 

27. A Bed Canopy

Photographed by Kelli Boyd.

Gone are the associations with mosquitos and little girl’s rooms. Designers are now incorporating canopies into modern adult rooms, and the results are gorgeous enough to give anyone bedroom envy. Go for the frame without any fabric (pictured above) or drape something light and gauzy over it to make the room feel even more tranquil. 

28. Plenty Of Reading Material 

Photographed by Angel Tucker.

Even if you don’t have room for a designated reading nook, the bedroom is a great place for books. (You’re probably more likely to get sleep when you’re reading horizontally, anyway.) Fill shelves with books or place them on your dressers, side tables, and windowsills. They’ll add color and an air of sophistication. 

29. A Soothing Color Scheme

Photographed by Amy Bartlam.

The bedroom pictured above experiments with color rather than busy patterns and overstated furniture — but don’t be fooled, color goes a long way. According to the science of color therapy, blue is used to elicit feelings of tranquility, healing, and calmness. When used in combination with other muted hues, it can help any bedroom feel dreamy and soothing. 

 30. Frame-Free Art

Photographed by Amy Bartlam.

Who decided that art needs to be confined to a frame? Paint a mural or experiment with some abstract splashes of color; it’s a creative way to ensure that your bedroom turns out unlike anyone else’s. 

31. Natural Elements

Photographed by Amy Bartlam.

If you spend all day inside and staring at a computer, a bedroom with organic elements can feel like a nightly return to the natural world. The best news? Real wood furniture, natural textiles, and handmade accents are readily available, because more so than ever before, retailers and design companies are prioritizing sustainability and natural materials.

32. Moody Paint

Photographed by Sean Litchfield.

If you want to make a serious statement, choose a dark, brooding paint color. Navy blues, forest greens, charcoal grays, and midnight blacks are extremely stylish right now, and they don’t necessarily have to overwhelm a room. This designer contrasted the darkness with a bright yellow bed, and it’s anything but depressing.   

33. Dual Beds

Photographed by Molly Culver.

Even if you change nothing else about the space, this tip instantly amps up the charm for a child’s bedroom or a guest area. Two twin beds (instead of a king or queen) somehow make the room feel homier — it’s much more practical, too. Your child is always ready for a sleepover and you can put up two guests at once, even if they don’t know each other that well.

34. Silky Bedding

Photographed by Delbarr Moradi.

There’s nothing wrong with cotton and linen, but silk bedding adds a little more luxury to your bedroom — in more ways than one. Yeah, it feels incredible against your skin when you crawl into bed every night (especially during those hot summer months), but it also reflects more light and gives the space a lighter, airier feel. 

35. Exposed Ceiling Beams

Photographed by Andrea Czarnota.

If you have unused space above your bedroom, consider breaking through the ceiling. It’s not an easy renovation, but it’s definitely worth it. Your bedroom will look bigger thanks to the added height and the exposed beams will act as a breathtaking design feature that sets your home apart.

 36. Contrasting Accent Walls

Photographed by Amy Bartlam.

While we’re huge fans of moody paint, we’re also the first to admit that dark, bold colors aren’t right for every wall — or every room. If your bedroom is smaller or doesn’t get that much natural light, try contrasting accent walls instead. The combination of black and white makes everything in the room pop without looking too gloomy. 

37. Pattern Experimentation 

Photographed by Molly Culver.

Who said you can’t mix and match your patterns? Animal, geometric, and colorful prints never looked so fresh. When it comes to bedding, don’t be afraid to experiment. You’d be surprised how well different patterns play off each other when placed side by side. 

38. An Organized Vanity 

Photographed by Bonnie Sen.

Organize your makeup, perfumes, and hair accessories in a way that’s aesthetically pleasing and your favorite toiletries will double as decor. For those who don’t have a bedroom vanity, getting one will free up precious storage space in your bathroom and give you an excuse to pamper yourself every single day. 

39. Carefully Placed Clutter

Photographed by Ana Kamin.

A home doesn’t need to look sterile and uninhabited. A little carefully placed clutter can make a space look cozy, especially in a bedroom. Overlap your picture frames and get creative with your throw pillows — just make sure there’s some method to the mess so you can find your keys on the way out the door. 

40. Framed Nature

Photographed by Monica Wang.

These photographs aren’t anything groundbreaking (just simple, beautiful nature), but they still manage to catch the eye and tie in all the shades used throughout the room. When hung side-by-side in matching white frames, they add a fresh, modern touch to an otherwise boring wall. 

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