Ask Angi: Cutting Remodeling Costs – 41NBC News

(41NBC/WMGT) —  A remodeling project is an exciting time to update your home to better suit your lifestyle and match your family’s needs – but it can easily get out of hand when it comes to cost. Bailey Carson, a home care expert at Angi, is here to offer advice on how to save money on your next big home projects.

“As you consider your next remodeling project, take the time to really research,” said Carson “This is going to help you set the appropriate timeline and budget, talk to multiple pros to get estimates, and when you’re talking to them, make sure to ask about seasonality. You may be able to keep your costs down by starting your project off-season. This could be labor costs as well as materials.”

As you plan your next remodeling project, think about what you can do to keep the complexity to a minimum. For example, if you’re planning to remodel your kitchen, consider building efficient, custom cabinets rather than knocking down a wall and changing your home’s footprint, or refinish your cabinets and doors rather than replacing them altogether.

“Just like keeping your home’s footprint can save money, so can keeping plumbing in place,” said Carson “Before you commit to rerouting any plumbing, take a few things into consideration. If you’re remodeling a bathroom or kitchen, try not to reroute the plumbing for your sink, your toilet, your shower or your dishwasher. This could cost over $1000 to move something just three feet, so really think about your priorities before you commit to that reroute.”

If you’re putting in new hardware, furniture or lighting fixtures, think about shopping secondhand. Gently used items are more eco-friendly and often less expensive than buying new. Be confident in negotiating pricing on floor models and set price trackers for refurbished deals online. If you’re really handy, you could also consider refurbishing items yourself.

“Even if you’re not the handiest of homeowners, there still may be a way to save money and take on some things yourself,” said Carson “By example, if there’s some demolition involved, you could rent a dumpster and do some of those tasks yourself – and end up saving yourself several hundred dollars.”

Throughout your remodel, you may see the costs of deliveries and cleaning add up to thousands. Look at what deliveries you could replace with pick-ups. If you don’t have a pickup truck, consider buying a utility trailer and reselling it post-project. Cleaning crews can cost a few hundred dollars a day, but you can eliminate that cost with some time and hard work as a family.

“If you’re doing a remodel and need to be out of your home, remember that hotels can add up quickly,” said Carson “Consider staying with family or friends, or even a short-term rental. Also, if you can stay home but your kitchen is going to be off limits, set up something temporary. A small space with a coffee maker, a small prep surface, a mini fridge and a microwave can probably get the job done, and you’ll end up saving yourself on takeout costs for every meal.”

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