Apple’s ‘Time Flies’ event, Siri improvements, and the latest Big Sur beta on the AppleInsider podcast

Apple’s big September event has been revealed with the phrase “Time Flies.” We go through the products rumored to be released, discuss very welcome new patent filings for future Siri improvements, give an update that Epic Games App Store policy battle, and unexpected thoughts on macOS Big Sur beta.

Apple has announced a special event that will air on September 15, at 10 A.M. Pacific time. After weeks of rumors surrounding the “Apple Watch Series 6” and updated iPad Air, we believe these two products may be announced at next week’s event with the possibility of seeing Apple’s location tracker device “AirTags”. You’ll notice something missing there – this event won’t include the “iPhone 12.”

Looking further ahead, newly revealed patent filings show how Apple is trying to cut down on the number of times Siri activates when you didn’t mean it to. Methods could include checking for eye contact, whether a phone is face down on a table, in a pocket, and as well as saving us some exasperation, Apple hopes this will also save battery drainage when Siri is always listening.

Next, Facebook, Epic Games and Apple continue to issue legal statements and Epic decided to claim that accounts using “Sign in with Apple” would cease working, although Apple didn’t say that. (Update: Epic Games now claims that Apple has “reversed course” on that. Uh-huh.)

We discuss Big Sur as William has installed the development beta — he says practically by accident — and so has been examining the design changes, Safari speed, sounds, and more.

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