Android 11 for TVs announced with new features, performance & privacy improvements,

Google recently announced the release of the latest Android 11 for the smartphones. In the same vein, the company has now announced the Android 11 update for its Android TV models. The update will bring many of the Android 11 features for mobile to the TV as well as other implementations specifically tailored to TVs.

The new Android 11 features include performance improvements involving memory management as well as improvements in privacy hasn’t been overlooked either as one-time permissions are carried over to Android 11 for TVs. A framework for the physical microphone mute buttons for better integration with TVs featuring far-field microphones has been implemented.

For multimedia improvements, Google is bringing Auto Low Latency Mode and low latency media decoding. Tuner Framework with updated media CAS and extensions to the HAL implementation of HDMI CEC are also new.

Expanded functionality around inactivity prompts, wake keys and silent boot mode for system updates are on the changelog, but arguably one of the most important improvements is the wider support for gamepads, which is essential for anyone subscribed to Google’s Stadia platform.

Google says that it’s working closely with TV manufacturers to deliver the new Android 11 to consumers in the following months. However, for now, only the ADT-3 device meant for developers will be receiving the upgrade right away. Google is also scheduled to release the update for other devices like the Nvidia Shield in the coming months.



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