Allstate Home Insurance Review 2020

Pros Explained

  • Wide range of coverage and policies: Allstate offers coverage to protect a homeowner’s home and belongings, including a suite of optional coverage. 
  • Available in all states: Allstate homeowners insurance is available nationwide, meaning it’s easy to find a policy that suits your needs, no matter where in the U.S. you live. 
  • Offers both in-person and online customer service tools: Allstate provides a variety of ways to contact it, including in person, online, by telephone, and via its mobile app. 

Cons Explained

  • Agent experience varies: Because Allstate employs a range of people who act as agents, customer service may vary, including factors such as responsiveness. 
  • Online quotes not always available: In some zip codes, you can’t get a quote online, so you’ll need to contact an agent for more information. 

Allstate Standard Home Insurance Coverage Plan

When you purchase a homeowners insurance policy with Allstate, rest assured that you’re getting it through the insurer itself, though underwriters may vary by state. Here’s what you can expect to be included in its standard coverage: 

Dwelling Coverage

Also called “structure coverage,” it protects the elements of your home’s physical structure, such as the roof. This coverage also includes attached structures, such as a garage or sunroom. In case of damage from causes such as fire, theft, vandalism, lightning, hail, and wind, Allstate will repair or replace the structure in question. This can also include additional living expenses in case your structure is deemed uninhabitable until repairs are complete. 

Personal Property Coverage

This type of coverage protects you against the cost to replace items in your home, such as electronics, furniture, and other valued items. Allstate allows you to choose between actual cash value, which is covering the amount for which the item is valued at the time it is damaged, and replacement cost, which covers the cost to purchase new items of equivalent quality at the time a claim is filed. 

Personal Liability Protection

If you or your family member is sued for accidental property damage or injury, this kicks in to help cover costs such as settlement fees and legal defense fees. 

Guest Medical Protection

This part of your standard coverage will pay for applicable medical expenses if a guest is on or around your property and is accidentally injured. Covered medical expenses include ambulance rides, hospital stays, and surgical procedures. 

Allstate Home Insurance Discounts

Allstate offers discounts on policies, even more than other national competitors, such as GEICO.

Homeowners can save on their premiums via the following options:

  • Multiple Policy Discount: You can get a discount of up to 25% if you bundle your auto and home policies.
  • Easy Pay Plan Discount: Those who enroll in autopay will earn a 5% discount.
  • Claim-Free Discount: Policyholders may be able to receive up to 20% off their premium if there are no recent home insurance claims when switching to Allstate. 
  • Early Signing Discount: Sign up for a policy with Allstate a minimum of seven days before your current one expires and receive a 10% discount.
  • Protective Device Discount: Homeowners will receive a discount if their home has a fire alarm, backup generator, burglar alarm system, or other qualifying fire or theft protection device.
  • 55 and Retired Discount: Those who are at least 55 years old and retired receive a discount.
  • Home Buyer Discount: Recent home buyers and those purchasing a policy for a new construction home will receive a discount.
  • Safe Home Discount: Get a discount for having a hail-resistant roof, sporting storm shutters, or being smoke-free. 

Allstate Home Insurance Availability

Although Allstate home insurance policies may be purchased throughout all 50 states, all coverage options, discounts, payment plans, and other features may not be available everywhere. 

Allstate Customer Service

Allstate offers a few ways to reach its homeowners insurance customer service department. Local agents are available via phone at various hours—typically 24/7, though it depends on the individual agent—or you can contact the general hotline 24/7 at 800-676-5456. You can also send an email through Allstate’s website contact form, via its app, or by calling 877-810-2920 to file a claim. 

How to Make a Home Insurance Claim With Allstate

There are several ways to file a home insurance claim:

  • Contact your local agent, who will walk you through the next steps, which include evaluating your home and estimating damages and/or repairs
  • Call claims representatives 24/7 at 877-810-2920 if you don’t have a dedicated agent
  • Via Allstate’s mobile app, which allows you to upload photos of a claim
  • Log into your account online

Homeowners will receive a tracking number after filing a claim, which can be used in all claims-related communications moving forward as well as to track the claim. 

Allstate Home Insurance Cancellation Policy

Allstate’s home insurance policies may be canceled at any time. Contact your agent to initiate a cancellation. You may be asked to submit a written request. 

Other Insurance Provided by Allstate

Aside from homeowners insurance, you may also receive the following insurance coverage from Allstate:

  • Auto Insurance
  • Renters Insurance
  • Flood Insurance
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Term Life Insurance
  • Off-Road Vehicle Insurance
  • Motorcycle Insurance
  • Jewelry Insurance
  • Business Insurance

Get an Allstate Homeowners Insurance Quote

You can receive an initial quote online (this option may not be available in some areas) or by contacting a local Allstate agent, which you can find on Allstate’s insurance agent search page. Information you’ll need to provide includes your full name, address, and phone number. You can also contact customer service at 800-667-4669 for help in getting the ball rolling.


Considering that Allstate offers plenty of coverage options for homeowners nationwide, the chances of finding a policy that serves your needs are high. Plus, with the wide range of discounts available, policyholders may be able to find affordable options, more than with other major insurance companies. Keep in mind that individual policies, rates, payment plans, and discounts will vary depending on location and the type of coverage. Although it could take a little time to receive a quote, as you may have to contact a local agent, it’s still a worthwhile attempt for homeowners who want a one-stop shop for their insurance needs.

Compare Other Home Insurance Reviews

Even though Allstate offers many opportunities to receive discounts on home insurance policies, you may still be able to receive a lower quote elsewhere. That’s why it’s crucial to shop around and compare multiple home insurance companies to ensure that you get the best price for the coverage you need.


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