5 Ways to Take the Fear Out of Bathroom Remodeling

Sponsored – It’s a spooky time of year, ripe for playing tricks, watching horror flicks, and telling ghost stories in the dark. One scary story we often encounter is that undergoing a bathroom remodel is a dreadful, anxiety-inducing experience that drags on and on. On the contrary, we believe the bathroom remodeling experience should be fun, quick, and pleasant. Here are five ways Re-Bath can take the fear out of your next bathroom remodel.

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R.I.P. to Remodeling Without Focus


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At Re-Bath, we don’t spread our remodeling efforts thin across kitchens, decks, windows, etc. We only do bathrooms! All day, every day, we live and breathe bathroom remodeling, and we’re not afraid to say we’re great at it! CHECK OUT OUR GOOGLE REVIEWS. Most of our competitors don’t focus exclusively on bathrooms, and some use shortcuts and workarounds that don’t address the root of the problem. For example, cosmetic overlays might appear to be a cost-effective option, but if you have leaky plumbing or wet drywall behind your tile, covering it up won’t help. That’s why we’re prepared to tear, strip, knock down, and do everything it takes to make your dream bathroom a reality.

Dependable Professionals, Not Scary Sellers

We know how awkward it can be to invite strangers into your home, and we strive to make your entire remodeling experience as relaxed and enjoyable as possible. At Re-Bath, your first point of in-person contact is a Design Consultant, not a salesperson. That’s because our Design Consultants don’t come out to sell to you, but to solve a problem. Reputation is important to us, and we’re proud to be a 100% reliable company with an A+ Better Business Bureau Rating. As a result, we hold all of our employees to high standards, and only hire professionals who mirror or work ethic and values.

No Tricks, Just a Trifecta of Treats

The majority of homeowners choose to remodel for one of three reasons: to increase the value of their home, improve safety and accessibility, or update the aesthetic. Bathroom remodels offer a 60% return on your investment, according to the 2020 Cost vs Value report. We believe everyone deserves a bathroom that is beautiful, functional, and safe. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice any of these and with Re-Bath you won’t have to. We pride ourselves on helping you design a bathroom that family members of all ages and abilities can enjoy. Customers choose us because not only are we fast and cost-effective, but we offer a lifetime warranty that’s transferable for up to a year after the remodel.

Fantastically Fast

Most bathroom remodeling companies subcontract the work, which means they have to plan your remodel around each contractor’s individual schedule. That results in a lot of downtime and inefficiencies. It’s also why remodeling projects end up taking much longer than they should. At Re-Bath, we do things a little differently. Everyone working on your remodel—from the demolition crew to the drywall pro, the painters, and installers—are Re-Bath employees. That means one crew, and one schedule, allowing us to complete the entire process, from design to done, in about one week. So, you won’t have to live for weeks with an unfinished mess.

An Enchanting Experience

Our goal is to provide you with a positive, memorable experience. That starts with setting up a no-obligation consultation. Our Design Consultant “brings the showroom” to you so that you can hand-select every aspect of your new bathroom, from the colors and materials to the products, in the comfort of your own home. Using a freelance contractor might seem like a way to save money, but we’ve seen countless homeowners be quoted one price, only to have the final invoice be much higher than anticipated or run into a problem down the road, and be unable to reach out, due to changing jobs, moving or giving up freelance projects altogether. Not only do we provide you with a precise quote, but if you ever have an issue down the line, you’ll be able to reach us.

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Re-Bath has over 40 years in the business. They provide honest communication and value their relationship with their customers. They back that foundation with quality products, professional workmanship and industry-leading warranties. And while they readily admit to not always being the cheapest option, they are definitely the least expensive in the long run!

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