$4.4 million in improvements recommended for Portage airport; City costs estimated at $300,000 | Local Government

The current design of the airport is functional for small aircrafts that can seat up to six passengers.

The city has three development options to upgrade the airport. The first would cost approximately $4.4 million and would require the city to acquire nearby land. City costs for that option would be about $300,000 due to the availability of state and federal funds. 

Option one would include shortening the usable length of the runways, from about 3,700 feet to 3,300 feet and redeveloping current hangers and terminals to bring the airport into safety compliance with the FAA.

“This is the safety and compliance option,” said Watson. “It does not impact any surrounding roads, it does not impact any surrounding residential property. Overall, of the options, this is the least impactful option.”

While this option is the most inexpensive and least disruptive to residents and nearby homes, it would decrease the usable space and traffic at the airport.

The second option would cost $18.8 million and would improve the whole usable length of the airport, but would require rerouting of Silver Lake Drive and burying powerlines underground.

The third option would include constructing an entirely new 3,300 foot runway, and would cost approximately $13 million, and would require much more construction time and equipment which could cause disruption to nearby residents.

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